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 I am always on the look out for mositurisers that would hydrate my skin, has spf in it and one that would keep my super oily skin matte atleast for sometime!(Everyone knows that oily skin cannot be controlled beyond a point and no potion,lotion or concoction has been made till date that would achieve that!).The product that am going to review today has all the 3 properties that I mentioned above and I have to say am really impressed with this stuff!

 This product is specially for oily skin

 What it claims:-

Sebum regulating action at the heart of the pore and daily protection against UV light,
for an instant and long-lasting  “matte” effect.(taken from the site)

Great for oily skin
Hydrates realy well
Provides a matte finish
Has spf 15
White-greenish creamy formula goes on as liquid on to the face
Will not aggravate the sebum production after using it for a couple of days
This acts as a good makeup base
As a lil amount only is needed for the face, the 30 ml tube will last really long
The price is a bit steep at 850 rs but its worth it
I bought this through the vichy india site and the delivery was fast(I got it the next day itself!)

Well..........this is not a magic formula and the matte finish goes off after 5-6 hrs ....but even then the face won't become super oily.(I dont expect any magic mattifying product from any brand!)

Overall, am happy with my purchase and would definitely buy this again as this is one product that seriously helps in keeping my skin matte!


beautydiva said...

Great review. Happy to hear it controls the oil. I like the cool green tube. Though the price is a bit on the higher side, this product looks so good for oily skinners like us :)

G.G.G said...

Have never tried Vichy at all..But from what you say, this sounds good. Giving a matte effect for 4 to 5 hours is itself a good thing I guess.

Btw, have you tried their foundations?

crazypoplock said...

I got few samples from vichy which I haven't tried yet. I guess I will now after your review.

Though, I'v heard they do test on animals... I'm guessing..



Rentu said...

i like the tube, and trust me to keep the oil at bay for 4 hours is a great job...
one question for you, since you have both colorbar warm palette, and maybelline chai latte quad, what would u recommend for normal office looks, i am not more into eyemakeup, something which is subtle yet elegant, will do for me...let me know your views on this...Thankies

indianmakeupways said...

@BD:-this sure is a great product for oily skinned ppl for sure!
@GGG:-I have not tried it.........but my sis has and it was not great for her.kinda looked chalky on her skin :(
CP:-HMMMMM i dont know abt the animal testing......if tats there very bad coz I love some of their products :)
@rentu:-hey colorbar warm palette is not good for office use at all.the colors are much more vibrant and wont suit well during daytime.
the chai latte & time for wine maybelline quads are better options. both of 'em are great!

Tanveer Parmar said...

yet to try anything from Vichy - but it looks like a good brand :)

shoppingaholic said...

Great review sweets. hankfully my skin becomes combination skin during winters.

About FNU delivery time: ask me. I have started getting itches of impatience because of it... :(


Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

I have a sample of something very similar to this, I'm going to give it a try.

I already have something which keeps the oil from coming through on my skin, I don't know if you can get it in India but it's called Skin Clear Mattifying Lotion. It's really really good, just make sure you use a night cream as otherwise it can be a bit drying.

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