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I have always loved lipbalms and especially those with a hint of tint in it and if it has a cool flavour then am all over it!!! :D. If you are someone like me then read on and get to know these cutie pies.

 I had 4 of these babies and I used up one of these...........and I don't remember whether that was the flavour "cherry" or "strawberry". I wanted to buy that from Mumbai and unfortunately can't seem to find 'em anywhere. Some stores even told me that Elle 18 doesn't do marketing anymore :O. But these can be found in any beauty shop back in kerala and I think almost everyone buys this as its sooooooo cute and easy to carry.
I now have with me Bubblegum,raspberry and grape(easy to identify with the cool pics on 'em)

Moisturises really well
Has a tint to it
Nice flavour & Smell(not over powering)
Easy to carry
Great pigmentation(one can build the intensity of lipbalm on the lips due to the pigmentation)
Lasts for atleast 3-4 hrs on the lips
Great for daytime wear & the pigmented ones(grape & strawberry(which is not here in pic as I used it up) ) can be worn during night time
Price is affordable at Rs.40 per piece
Easily available in the beauty shops

'Coz of the flavour one tends to lick it up real fast :(
 Other than that none tat I can think of and oh yeah not available in Mumbai!!!!(has anyone seen this product)

 So, over all its a great product and I will definitely repurchase and I love using 'em


anamika said...

they look great and look at the dent which you have made in this..i think i will have to go out and hunt for them..

Poohkie said...

I have 3 of these as well & I love them. But like you mentioned, it's really hard to find. In fact most stores in Chennai have stopped stocking elle18 :(

beautydiva said...

I have 4 of them and I really really love them. So cheap and so moisurising. Thanks for the great review and yes they are not always available so I buy whenever I see them :)

Tanveer Parmar said...

I have never seen or even heard of these untill today.. They sound so awesome & I love the price more than anything.. Sadly I can't find anything Elle 18 here in Mumbai :(

shoppingaholic said...

I want I want I want. :(

Everyone is talking about them but I am not sure where to find these.

Appu said...

Me loving the packaging.It screams teen but looks so so cute :) I have only tried Nail polishes and Lipsticks from Elle 18 :)

Natasha said...

wow..those colours are so delectable and gorgeous..Never knew Elle 18 had lipbalms..Maybe ill pik up a few when I coem to India this time :)

G.G.G said...

They look good...and sound yumm too..but never seen them around :-(

indianmakeupways said...

@everyone:-hey not to worry! the new elle 18 stuff has released!!!! its all over the beauty blog"dom"!!!! check out their new products at ur nearby store. they all look so awesome!!!

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