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Hair masks are my weakness and you cannot keep me away from trying a new hair product. I have used so many hair masks but I always go back to one and thats DOVE revitalising hair mask "Breakage Therapy'.
I am on my 3rd tub and so you can understand as to how much I love this. Its a 270 ml tub..........so its not even easy to finish it off but am on my third tub and I think that speaks for itself!

 First, let me say something about my hair. I have chemically treated my hair thrice!(ya go figure!) but I have never color treated my hair...........simply 'coz am not interested in coloring......if I had any interest at all I would have ruined my hair completely by now. After the treatment started wearing off........my hair started to break and also became really frizzy and I used a lot of products esp...........heavy & penetrating treatment masks. I have had my luck with some but this one never lets me down. So, I have been hooked to this ever since I bought it.

Its for "breaking hair.....hence the name breakage therapy!
The formula is thick and at the same time runny enough to spread through your hair easily.
Provides a healthy shine and feel to the hair after the first wash itself.Controls frizz to some extent.
I now use it once a week. But have used it twice a week when my hair was in real bad condition. Gave me silky smooth hair everytime and never did it weigh my hair down.
Gives amazing slippage and one can feel it in the shower itself.
Love the smell.
Moisturises my hair like crazy(great for dry & damaged hair)
I apply it from the roots to the tips. never has it made my hair greasy.
Can be applied both on to dry & wet hair(i slather it on to my hair both ways and the results are always same)
Easily available in all the supermarkets.
Affordable at Rs.215 and has a shelf life of 2 yrs.
 Lasts for a long time. I use it every week and one tub lasts me for atleast 4-5 months(I have waist length hair)

- This is "NOT"  a treatment. It will not cure the hair if you are having split ends and is not interested in trimming the hair! It will form a protective coating over it against "FURTHER" breakage..........thats all.

 -So, I will advice everyone to trim the split ends and then start using this as it will protect ur hair and the ends from any further damage.

has anyone used this mask.......... what is ur take on it......got any suggestions for a good hair mask for me to try ?


Appu said...

Seems like a nice product!!!I always see this but have never tried :) The best masks I have tried are the L'oreal absolut repair, Lush Jasmine and Henna(pre-shampoo) & Aussie 3 minute smooth(wil do a review soon) :)

beautydiva said...

Great review, i heard about this but didnt use since am not facing breakage problem. I have tried the 1 from Jovees not i like it. Thanks :)

anamika said...

hey this one and loreal mask but works same fore me..have you tried the loreal one too..

hope you studying hard..:)

Tanveer Parmar said...

Seems nice.. I use a L'oreal hair mask.. Forgot its name now. It is quite nice :)

Rakhshanda said...

sounds great Anju...I'll really want to try it now...thanks for sharing your views about this product.

Princess Feef said...

never tried it ,,
but i love Dove stuff =)
thx for the review hun

Dr.Sameena Prathap

The review is good...havent tried any mask...Used only dove shampoo..:)



Poohkie said...

I've seen this, but I never got it coz I thought it would make my hair limp & oily. Also, what do you mean by chemical treating? Do you straighten your hair?

indianmakeupways said...

@everyone:-thanks for the lovely comments and giving me some suggestions as to wat other brands to try.even I have used one loreal mask but it wasnt as good as this and it was quite expensive too.
@dr.sameena:-hi, and welcome to my blog.thanks for ur lovely comment.do try this mask if ur hair also faces the same prob as mine.its amazing.
@poohkie:- no, it doesnt make my hair limp at all.I totally love this. ya I have straightened my hair once and smoothened my hair twice. not the best decision I tell ya :(

shoppingaholic said...

Wow, seems to a great product. However I am still sceptical about it making my hair oily as my hair scalp is already oily...

I am still trying to imagine your waist-long hair... you're lucky...:)

Natasha said...

I have never ever tried any hair mask for some reason. But my hair frizzes out during the rains, maybe I should try this out ..Thnx for the review:)

ClassyandFabulous said...

so nice that you did this cos i was wondering about it. I tried the loreal total repair hair mask and well it did nothing for me. might try this one out

Sharon said...

Love u 4 reviewing this.Has been on my wishlist 4 a long time and seeing ur lush head of hair am gonna find this not matter wat ;)

indianmakeupways said...

@everyone:-hey i do have waist length hair guys but its not tat thick anymore :( coz of all the treatments. this product is really amazing and it has never weighed my hair down...........but each product works different for ppl and I hope it works great for u guys :)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

I used the dove mask for hair fall treatment but it didn't suit me and I started losing hair all over again. :(

indianmakeupways said...

@harini:-thanks for the lovely comment.oh tats too bad. I have not used the "hair fall treatment" mask.....but this one suits my hair a lot and if u have breaking hair(not breaking off from the roots itself)then this is a great choice :)

swati said...

hey....so we can simply slather it on like a leave-in mask?????it doesn't weight the hair down or something like that, right???I bought the pack but it had no instructions on how to use it so was confused on how to go about....would appreciate if you could clarify....thanks :)

indianmakeupways said...

@swati:-just leave it on towel dried hair. can leave it on for 5 mins or half an hour....it depends on u. My hair is of medium thickness, so sometimes when I feel that my hair is really dried out i put it all over my hair and it doesn't weight my hair down. use only the needed amount and dont use too much product at a time. If ur hair is very fine, then just dont let it touch the root, slather it liberally on the rest of ur hair. hope this helps :)

swati said...

thanks :) I shall try it soon!!!

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