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 I have been using this foundation for the past 2 months now and I think its the right time to give an honest opinion.I was looking for a good foundation and wanted to try something from MAC.But the SA there told me to check out clinique foundation as she also has the same problem.......super oily skin!So, I went ahead and checked out the clinique counter and came out with this foundation "CLINIQUE SUPERBALANCED MAKEUP" and my shade is 35 HONEYCOMB(Am NC 45 when am tanned and NC 43 when am not tanned)

 Am really very very happy with the foundation and on that note let me give you the pros and cons:-

One of the best foundations that I have tried so far for oily skin, leaves the skin matte and fresh
Does not oxidise (which is a prob tat I face with MAC studio fix .....it ends up leaving my skin orange!)
 Medium-full coverage. But, I do think that if heavy pigmentation and marks are there do use a concealer.
Stays on for atleast 7-8 hrs(tats how long I have worn this)
Did not irritate my skin or break me out
Very very very easy to blend
A very small amount of product is needed at a time
My skin becomes oily after 3hrs ........but not "super oily" can be managed with some powder
Its great for both summer and winter
Its available for skin types dry-combination & oily

The price......it is inside 1500 rs(am sorry dont remember the exact price)

Overall its a great buy and I will most definitely purchase this once I run out. If you want to check out the finish of this foundation go HERE


Rentu said...

seems to be good for the oilies like us

Tanveer Parmar said...

Foundation for super oily skin! Wow, this is a gr8 find :)


nice review..dear..mine is a combi skin..

G.G.G said...

Sounds very tempting dear..I too am an oily skinned person..

Harpreet said...

I have used this when my skin has been oily, works very well. I think all clinique foundation is good. Superfit is really nice when you've got combo skin cos it leaves oily bits matte and dry bits moisturised :)

anamika said...

My mac foundation is going to be finished so i am going to buy this one :)

Thanks for the review:)

Desi and the City said...

Seems to be good, but expensive :-(

Soft, Sweet and Gentle said...

nice one but pricey...I have recently go got oriflame's giordani foundation and its good..and it cost me 750..gives medium coverage

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i'm glad this foundation works for you. it's always so difficult finding that perfect foundation--and the wrong foundation really blows.

so congrats on this Clinique product. :)


indianmakeupways said...

@everyone:-thanks to all ur comments. I have heard lot of good reviews for clinique foundation, so if ur mac foundation is not agreeing with ur skin, give clinique a shot. Its well worth the money.This foundation is perfect for oily skinned ppl like myself(I do agree tat its expensive but u need only a very small amount at any given period of time) and as of now am loving it.but being a beauty junkie am always on the look out for more and better products tat will keep my skin flawless :D

Jisha Dil said...

nice review dear...i had this foundation...but wasn't that great for my skin...bcoz my skin is normal..you have any idea abt a good foundation for normal skin type??..

indianmakeupways said...

wow u r lucky to have normal skin and in my opinion all foundations(except for the ones formulated for oily & combination skin) should suit u.mac foundations r pretty good(make sure u do patch tests before using any if u have break out prone skin)mac,revlon,clinique,makeup forever etc has some real good foundations.Make sure tat u ask the Make up artist there to give u assistance in choosing a good foundation and as I said before almost all foundations work well for normal skin and get the "rt shade" which is the most important thing

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Great review! I'm always on the market for new foundation, so this was helpful. :)

I hope you have a lovely weekend! xoxo

Chennai Ponnu said...

Hi ...nice review !!! Do you use a primer before applying this to make it stay for 8 hours without getting patchy ?

Chennai Ponnu said...

Hi ...nice review !!! Do you use a primer before applying this to make it stay for 8 hours without getting patchy ?

indianmakeupways said...

@CP:-thanks.i use only a good moisturiser and usually only clinique moisturiser!!!!

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