JAI HIND............

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Ok.......so this post is not about beauty / makeup......Its about visiting the dockyard & seeing a submarine for the first time. My husband is a submariner, in the electrical department and I have never had the oppurtunity(they allow visitors only on sundays and for my hubby sunday is his off day and rarely wants to go back to his work place........which I so totally understand 'coz if U get inside the dockyard one half day is gone). Now coming back to my visit.....seeing the submarine in person......its something that can't be described with words. It looks like a black "whale" and looks majestic on the dock with big anchors holding it. I visited INS Sindhuvijay with my hubby and my parents and the memory will always be etched inside my mind. I have always known that my husband is a submariner but never ever gave much thought as how risky his job is or how complicated the whole thing is.




There was all together 6 compartments and we visited the "sindhu" class of submarines which are actually russian made but they were refitted in INDIA. We had to go down a narrow opening on a ladder that leads us down where the captain and immediate people responsible for communication sits. The inside is airconditioned so didn't feel the claustrophobia that I usually feel inside such congested places. The only time I had seen the inside of a submarine was the time when i saw movies like u-571 and its kinda similar but seeing the real thing was something else.

The place where they work are so narrow that they have to use sliding trolleys which allow them to slide through and they have to lie down due to lack of space inside it. When they are on sailing they will only take bath every 6-7 days 'coz of the shortage of fresh water!!! They even have a compartment where they store emergency food supply which will last them for 20 days straight if there has been some calamity of some sort like flooding or something.The outer part is made of rubber material so that the sonars cannot detect these things underwater. The way they are detected is by the sound the propeller makes when they are underwater. All the compartments are air & water tight and for every 10 metres they go underneath 1 kg pressure increases inside and they can usually go upto 300 metres under sea but it is quite risky as pipes inside might break and leaks can occur at such high pressures.

We got to see their bed bunks and also the place they eat and in the officer's mess the table that they use for dining can be turned into an emergency operation table & it has OT (operation theatre) lights fitted on top of the ceiling. They have an entertainment room too where they have tv & dvd players where they can see movies and stuff. There is even a galley for making food and they are not supposed to fry items when they are underwater and can have fried items only when they are on the surface. There are air blow out(to blow the CO2) and blowing in (for the oxygen to enter) systems.

There is also periscope inside to see far away objects and its amazing as to how clear they seem and you can also focus it according to the degree of focus you want. The whole machinery looks so complicated & so intricate but for people working inside it......its just their second home :).

I also got to see where the torpedoes & missiles are kept and oh my!!! One should definitely see the size of the thing and its HUMONGOUS!!! I felt very scared when I saw all these warfare items that will or can be used if our country goes into war anytime and I hope that NEVER happens 'coz I firmly believe violence is NOT the answer for anything!

If I go on writing I think I can write pages & pages about the experience and the climb back up was a bit hard as it left me quite queasy. Actually now I have a new found respect for my husband for what he is and what he does and the risk him and his colleagues take up for our country.

I don't have any real time pictures as we are not allowed to take or put any pictures online due to security reasons. But here I will include pictures of TAJ & Gateway of INDIA as seen from the dockyard through electric fence

So here is my salute to the "SILENT KILLERS" (SUBMARINERS ARE CALLED THAT) who work day & night relentlessly to keep our country and our shoreline safe. And last but not the least to every INDIAN .............JAI HIND!!!!!


Rentu said...

hey an awesome post, i love and respect all the people who work hard for our country, and give us the sense of security

Tanveer Parmar said...

What an interesting experince :) I am sure you must have had fun and kudos to yr hubby for doing such amazing work!

My hubby too used to work in Merchant Navy and one sunday he too took me around to show me the equipment that powers these huge ships and how they work.. It was a very fun experince.

anamika said...

Hi Anju..

Please give my regard to your husband.I really have special places for those who work for their country .I am sure you must be so product of him naa:)

indianmakeupways said...

@rentu:-ya I always used to respect them but now I respect them even more.

@tanveer:-ya i know...it sure was really amazing to see his "work plaze" up close & personal :)

@anamika:-sure i will pass ur regards to him. I am proud & now I am scared too 'coz his job is so risky. earlier I never used to give it much of a thought...but now i feel a bit worried but at the same time happy too 'coz he is working for the country :)

Rakhshanda said...

Hey Anju great post! Love those awesome pics!
And yes I've given a blog award. Come and have a look.

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