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I am taged by Anamika and here goes.......

1.Are you more programmed, more regulated in your thoughts and deeds?

well...I can't say that I have "regulated" myself in my thoughts 'coz I have been married only for 4 months and I am still in the "la la la land" LOL. But being the youngest in my family I was raised not to think about the mundane or real things in life which has changed in a good way to a certain extent. Now I take time out to make my house look nice and well kept and I even go for full fledged grocery shopping(well, I used to go along with my mom for that but was always the person who carried the basket thats all....never bothered about what she is buying or what is really needed at a house).So in that way YES! Plus I have become a lot more polite and diplomatic to a certain extent with my inlaws and immediate family members.

2.Or are you simply calmer?Assuaged?

Definitely not calm towards my husband hee hee. But yes I am more "DIPLOMATIC" than calmer........ya that would be correct.

3.Are you still in love?

Its only been 4 months!!!! so hell ya........I don't think being a newly wed I can answer that question....gimme another 2 yrs and will redo the tag ;)

4.Or are you simply loving,caring, fond & loyal........?

I am the same person even now. I think I was loving,caring & loyal to begin with even before my marriage. But I was a lot stubborn in my decisions...but now I think that I am willing to adjust a lot more for the love,loyalty and caring from the other person.

5.What does marriage do to you?

In which ever way one tries to deny it..... IT CHANGES YOU LOTS. For me....I have become more diplomatic, giving, caring & loving and also interested in household activities...learning to cook(which is big for me) and also learning how to maintain ties with your new found relatives and be nice no matter what they say and how you feel like retaliating back...I restrain myself now(women who are married will definitely understand what I mean)

But all in all "me" the person has not changed at all. I have just added subtle effects to my character to suit & make people around me happy. My husbandloves the crazy person in me and thats what matters the most 'coz he is my best buddy :)

6.Has marriage killed the girl in you?

NEVER! I am still the same girl who is silly, adamant, stubborn and what not? I definitely think that your attitude changes towards life when you are in a permanent relationship and you do becomemature along the way..........but its finally your decision whether you want to be the "aunty" or the "lil gal" inside your mind

So, this is my answer and now I tag fellow bloggers who are married to do the same poornima, tanveer, rashmi, (am just taking a few names thats all........plz everyone do the tag its fun)


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I loved reading all your answers! You are such a sweetheart. :) I hope when I get married someday, I am just as happy four months into it as you are!

PS. Would you be interested in guest posting on my blog? :)

indianmakeupways said...

@jennifer:- sure!!! would love to:) , but what would I write about in ur blog????? our content is sooooooo very different hee hee. u got any ideas??????

G.G.G said...


you tagged me?? girl...tum bhi naa..

i'll do it here only? plzzz

indianmakeupways said...

ya sure. y not? and hey I hav put up the review u asked :)

anamika said...

hey...i so enjoyed reading it:)

indianmakeupways said...

@anamika:-thanks yaar, but i don't hav much experience or much of an input into this as I am a newly wed :D

RASHMI said...

aww so sweet ...
let me read urs and then will answer mine hahaha
love u

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