Pin It When i was watching youtube once i came across quite many youtubers who were raving about beauty products with vitamin c in it. How it is good for oily skin....as in controlling the oilies, keeping pigmentation at bay and reducing it and also that it reverses any sun damage that was caused earlier. When I heard all this information from so many "gurus" I had to give this product a try.But where could i get one in India?

Ah ha i got my answer in Body Shop and their vitamin c range of products. As i had blogged earlier i am not that happy with my body shop toner(plz read my review on bodyshop tea tree toner)...still I had to get my hands on this one. My excuse to buy it? Its an exfoliator....come on guys oily skinned gals need to exfoliate more! So I purchased this cutie and couldn't wait to try it.

As soon as i reached home I scrubbed my face clean and took this baby out. It has a flip top so no spillage there and squeezed the product out. It has a white grainy consistency and when you feel the product with your finger you can feel the tiny gritty particles in it. As per the directions i took a small amount and slathered it on to my face and kept rubbing in small circular motion and I could feel the grainy particles slightly scratching my face.....nothing unbearable though. Loved the citrusy smell of the product. After that i washed it off and touched my skin .....it was reallyyyyyyy soft. Wow! My skin felt very fresh and alive.

They advice to use it every week or so 'coz it can cause too much exfoliation...it seems....but it has never been a problem for me. I use it every third day and so far really good


You get the much hyped about vitamin c through this product

Easily available in india

Makes skin really soft

Love the smell

It does give a glow when you use it

It gives a gentle microdermabrasion effect


may not be suitable for sensitive skin 'coz the grainy particles can be a bit abrasive for some.

Will i repurchase it? Hmmmmm......... i might but not if i find another great product with vitamin c in it. But if anyone of you do give in to the "vitamin c" hype then do give this a shot.

They have other products also in this range including face wash,moisturiser,facial spritzer,facial radiance capsules etc....

Do check 'em out

PS:-They are giving away body shop membership card for free at colaba body shop 'coz they just started it. That means you don't have to pay for the membership and you will get discounts too. How cool is that?? But it is a limited time offer...


anamika said...

ahhaaan...even i want the membership of Body shop:((

indianmakeupways said...

tats so true.......hey i am goin out yaar. told na sis comin??????? hoping to come back after a big haul??????

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

i already have membership from body shop - here they give you 10% off and free gifts now and then. Awesome review, I have to check this product out now. :)

indianmakeupways said...

hey thanks for the comment. i surely do like the product. but make sure yours is not sensitive skin.

Tanveer Parmar said...

I have been eyeing stuff from TBS's Vit C line since like forever. But I never get anything coz the prices freak me out. After reading your review, I might just try it now :)

indianmakeupways said...

hey u know wat? i liked this product so much that i bought 2 more products from the same line and cant wait to try them out! will be reviewing them soon. i think all my money will be goin to tbs for some time ;)

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