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Well, the general indian population detest tan and they try everything to get rid of the tan they acquire. I am also just like that who hates the bronzy glow on the face after i am out in the sun for too long. I hate it even more coz always my neck and face tan in different proportions and i end up lookin pretty weird. When i was younger my mom used to put curd and salt (mixed ) on my face as a natural remedy to reduce tan and i have to say it did work to some extent. But as always natural products are awesome but takes time and in todays fast world......who has time?All of us want instant results rt?????

I found this product at first when i saw my room mate(during my college days) slathering it on her face after we had come back from the beach. She kept it on her face till it was dry and then washed it off. Voila........her facial tan was reduced to about 90%. I just couldn't believe my eyes. I asked her and she showed me the miracle product.

This product really helps to keep the tan at bay and it contains milk and honey. When you open it up you can see that there is a plastic lid inside which will combat with unnecessary spillage.

The cream is yellowish-white in color and has quite a thick consistency. It has a very cooling effect on skin.

I know its half empty. i use it quite often!!!

Directions for use:- Apply layer on the face/ skin for 10-15 mins & after soft massage remove with water. Advice to be used everyday to restore the natural color and glow of the skin.

Non irritating

Thick consistency

Easy to remove

No offensive smell

The product delivers what it claims

Can be carried easily wherever you go


The amount of product you get with per bottle is not much

Well, the tub is a bit unhygienic as you have to use your fingers to scoop the product out. so i use a plastic spoon.

Will i buy it again? OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!!!!

This is holy grail material and i am using my 15th bottle now?????? ya i think so........this stuff is pureeeeee evil....once u start using it u get hooked.

Availability:- available in most of the indian stores where you get beauty products.

The nature's essence has another product called "LACTO BLEACH" and let me make this clear that this is not that. This product also belongs to the same company but it is different. I will surely review about "LACTO BLEACH" some other time.

Take care guys. hope this was useful.


Mehak said...

Wow really? Im always looking for tan removers- i rely on homemade rememdy- tomato juice- works wonders for tan but i hate putting it on my face..mite give it a shot..hope the ingredients r safe- dont trust all these companies sometimes..

indianmakeupways said...

well...i have been using this for 2 yrs now. am 101% sure tat its not bleach. but it sure removes epidermal sun tan aroung 80-90% and i can vouch for that. works for me every single time and u can always find one bottle with me all the time.thanks for stopping by

Angels Never Lie said...

i too have this product...yes its great but i rather use is over my hands n feet dan face....its better wen massaged gently so dat da cream can work from internally...da milk in it works fr tan removal...

indianmakeupways said...

@ANL:-i know. its an amazing product and thanks for visiting my blog. :)

zareen said...

hey!!! thanks alot for sharing i was loking around for something like this...
i hav oily skin and pretty sensitive skin,,,can i use this?
and whats the cost..

zareen said...

and any suggestion for blemishes???
am really in need good cream..
need a quick result like in a month...

indianmakeupways said...

Hi zareen, thanks for visiting my blog. Even I have super oily skin but not a very sensitive one...so as far as the oiliness goes...this is very moisturising as its a pack and will not cause any extra oil production. as far as the sensitivity issue goes...always do a patch test by the side of ur chin or at the back of ur ear to see whether u have any probs to the product. the cost of this one is 65/- for 40gms of product.
For the blemishes...use a good face wash & exfoliator(every 3 days) tat suits ur skin and I have been hearing great reviews about vitamin e- de pigmentation cream from fab india.(cost 225/-)its a heavy cream ...so as u have oily skin use it in the nite time. i personally have not used it as i dont have many blemishes...but ppl who used it are seen raving about it. If you have pimples tat just dont go away even after using market products plz consult a good dermatologist(i am a doc and i have to suggest this as ppl go very late to docs..only when the skin issue has become totally worse!) so dont do that. other than tat keep a healthy skin routine (giv more imp to skincare than makeup to cover those blemishes)and when u put in the extra effort it will show :)

Manu said...

Hi Anju,

Today evening only I saw ur video on you tube as I was looking for some tips of removing the tan from my face, hands and feet.I liked this product and i am going to buy it tomorrow itself. My skin is combination type more on the oily side.Please let me know if it will help to remove the tan and marks on the feet caused by the sandal. I feel if this cream lightens the skin then it shud work for my feet and hands as well. I am from Mumbai so I should be able to get both the cream and soap easily.I have one more thing to clarify regarding the blackheads tip given by you (gelatin powder and 1 tbs milk). You have mentioned to microwave it for 10 secs. My sister doesnt have a microwave so can this be done on a gas stove.My sister has many black heads on her nose and her skin is very dry.

Thanks and regards,

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