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 I am totally loving the Just Herbs Antitan pack and I had high hopes for this one. I ran out of my scrub and I decided to purchase this one.

 As usual I love the packaging. The golden colored screw top is really nice.

 You can see the ingredients list on the pic above but I highly doubt whether the company has listed all the ingredients on the tub.

 The scrub has some gritty particles in it which help with the exfoliation process and people who like gritty scrubs would really love this


All natural product (ayurvedic & animal cruelty free)

The scrub has a creamy base which really helps to hydrate the face after scrubbing

Only a little bit is needed at a time

Makes my skin really smooth & soft

Did not give me any allergic reaction

Really does a good job at exfoliating the dead skin


Not my favourite scrub as it hydrates my face a little more than needed. I have oily face and I just feel like I have a small oily film on my face after washing the scrub off, but it goes away after I pat my face dry with a towel

 I did not notice any great "radiance" effect with this scrub

Its a bit on the gritty side, so some may not like this

I don't like the smell. Too herbal for my taste

I have seen this brand only online

Recommend:- This is actually a good scrub and it will suit dry skinned ladies who love gritty scrubs. It will get rid of the dead skin and also provide some extra moisture to the face

Repurchase:- I have oily skin and this scrub leaves my skin a little bit oily......so....NO.

Price:- 295 Rs for 100 gms.

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