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So here is my update for Week-1.

Starting weight:-85.5 kgs
Present weight:-82.4 kgs
Total Lost:- 3 kgs
Aim:-to lose 5 kgs this month
Goal weight:-55-58 kgs

I am happy to have lost 3 kgs in the first week itself, but I am not too excited as its normal for everyone to lose  this much at the beginning of their weight loss journey. Its mainly water weight that one loses when we jump start weight loss.

Being a south indian rice is my favourite food and I am not a huge fan of chappathis. My weight comes from solid food items and not sweets as I am not a sweets fan.  But  now I have found a great substitute for rice and that is daliya/gothambu kanji/broken wheat. If you are like me who is a huge rice fan then daliya is the answer for you. You can make porridge, pulao, upma anything out of daliya or even use it as a plain rice substitute along with your normal rice veggies.

I have included lots of veggies into my diet and whenever I am taking meat I have made it to be a priority for it to be lean meat. Mostly I take them for dinner along with salads.

I am still doing hip-hop abs and having fun with it. I do owe a huge thanks to the workout program in jump starting my weight loss.

I will also be updating my inch loss by the end of 4  weeks as I think one has to give sufficient time for proper inch loss to occur.

As usual my comments section is open and you can give suggestions, ideas and tips to keep me going and all you ladies who commented and mailed me with good advice & support, You guys ROCK! Thanks so much and keep the inspiration coming!

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Vanu said...

Losing 3kgs in just one week is a big achievement as i hardly lose half of it in a month! Inch lose is what i see in my body.

Veggies, daliya, ur going great!!

whats hip-hop abs? can u pls.share ur workout program too? dat wud help us too...

All d best dear

indianmakeupways said...

@vanu:-I always lose in big numbers whenever I start my weightloss, so its not that great a deal for me. Keeping it up is my problem :).
Hip hop abs is a dance based workout by shaun T. He is the one who made the "insanity" workout program. Its an amazing way to lose weight if u r into dancing. I will most definitely write a post about hip hop abs :)

Swarnali said...

Wow that's great improvement for a week!! My weight doesn't go down that easily, I see the effects really late :( And the inch size, it doesn't seem to budge at all, am taking in your dalia advice as I hate chapattis as well. Being a bong, our staple is rice like you. Am loving this weight loss series, keep it coming :D

indianmakeupways said...

@swarnali:-Different people have different body mechanisms, so don't give up and you will also lose weight. Ya me being a keralite I looooooveeeeee my rice :D and daliya is a great substitute. Its highly nutritious, low in calories and will not cause sugar crashes and is even prescribed for diabetics. So, all in all its great. You can also find 101 recipes for daliya online. Do check 'em out :)

RAY said...

Hi...I have got Hip Hop Abs CD...Its really fun to do!!! y

indianmakeupways said...

@ray:-great!I love it too

Budget Belleza said...

i see a lot of similarities.Last time when I took care of my diet and exercise,I lost 5kgs in just a month but them my motivation went down and got it all back :(

indianmakeupways said...

@BB:-ya i know, lack of motivation is a hugeeee problem. Thats the reason why I started this series, so I feel motivated to stick to my routine. Don't worry we all can do it :)

Life is a fairytale said...

That is awesomee!! 3 kgs in a week is so cool! :) I got motivated reading it :D Thank you very much! :) Alll the best with further healthy lifestyle :) :)
Namita <3

indianmakeupways said...

@LIAF:-thanks namita. I am happy with the 3 kg loss and hope that I lose more :)

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