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 I purposefully did not use the term "weight-loss" as I have been trying diets and fad diets for the longest time possible. I started gaining weight when I hit puberty. After that I have always been plump and never was my "original weight".

I currently weigh more than 80 kgs( I haven't yet weighed myself and I am planning to invest in a digital weighing scale soon enough). I am 5ft3 and my ideal weight should be around 55-58 kgs. I am not even in the "chubby" category now and I am obese.

I have always tried to lose weight and I would lose weight to a certain extent and then stop my dieting which I think a lot of people would have gone through for sure. I always shy away or lose motivation before I reach my "Goal" weight. The lightest I was in the recent times was just before my  wedding in 2010 and I weighed 67kgs at that time and even then I was 12 kgs overweight.

I have never gone beyond 75kgs and this past year I was bedridden with a back pain and doctors advised me to take complete rest and not do any strenuous physical activity and that included exercising. I went from 72 to more than 80 kgs.( I will update my original weight once I buy the weighing scale).

Now I have started my exercise regime and proper eating a week back as I think that I am physically at the lowest point of my life. I don't feel energetic anymore, I feel sad that I look this way and I want to get into my old clothes and preferably some new leaner clothes in the coming months and above all I want to be "Healthy". I plan to become pregnant next year and I do not want to put on more weight to this frame and me being a doctor I know the problems that I will have to face during such a pregnancy.

Why am I writing this post?

 I always lose motivation and this time around I don't want that for me. I am planning to update my weekly weigh ins with you all and also discuss problems with my fellow readers who might have successfully lost weight or are in the same band wagon as me and trying to lose their weight. I would love comments, suggestions, tips and motivation from you all now that I have started this journey of mine. I am making this public so that I will feel committed enough to stick to my goal. At present my goal is to lose 5 kgs  this month.

My eating routine:-

I have avoided junk food, cut down on tea and coffee
I am preparing all meals by myself and am exercising portion control and I am not into too mcuh calorie counting(but am making sure not to go beyond 1300 cals per day)
I am drinking lots of water and having veggies


I wanted to do something fun to keep my motivation up so I am doing Hip-Hop Abs by Shaun T. He is the one who has made the insanity video. My health does not permit me to jump into Insanity work-outs as it might stir up my back problem again. Hip-Hop abs is a great dance type work out video and Shaun T is really energetic and fun!

I also plan to walk in the evenings when the rains take a break in mumbai.

 So, this is my first of many more weight loss journals to come and I request everyone to support me by giving in your ideas, suggestions, tips & advice in the comment box below. I am keeping comments open for posts like these from now on as we all need motivation, guidance and support when we take up such a huge step towards changing a whole lifestyle. I hope you guys will support me :)

PS:- Somehow my comments section is not showing up below the posts page as the small "comments icon". I think it has something to do with me blocking comments for so long. Well blogger is weird at times :D But you can leave a comment when you take only this particular post in a new page and you can see the "POST A COMMENT" section.Please feel free to leave a comment, your comments mean a lot of inspiration for me to stick to this lifestyle change that I have made. Thanks :)

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Life is a fairytale said...

Hello! :) I am with you on this, journey towards healthy weight :) You are doing great, keep it going! If you would like, try Tone It Up channel on Youtube :) A wonderful channel which has work outs for all body types :) Hope I helped! :)
PS: I am your newest follower, and have already gotten addicted to your blog :)
Namita <3

indianmakeupways said...

@Namita:-Thanks so much for the inspiration and advice. I will definitely check out their link, thanks so much.Thanks for following me and hope to see you back soon :)

Swarnali said...

Hi Anju, I hope your back pain isn't very troublesome now. This is a great initiative, I hope you manage to lose those extra kilos, I've been trying to do the same for sometime now. I used to much things every time I felt hungry which resulted in addition of extra calories, I have started drinking water whenever I feel hungry during non-meal times and cut on my sugar amount. I actually managed to lose 3 kgs in the last month, doing just that. Good Luck to you. :)

indianmakeupways said...

@swarnali:-No the back is so much better these days.The tip that you gave above is great. Sometimes we misjudge thirst for hunger, its true. I too have incorporated drinking lots of water and I definitely feel full.Thanks for leaving the tip and do come back and give your feedback as the weeks progress, I will be updating my weight loss and congrats on your 3 kg loss!!!

indian beauty central said...

glad you posted this, Ammu, getting to healthy weight has been my goal too, I'm 5 kgs above my ideal weight,primarily my sedentary lifestyle to blame than my diet.
I want to get to my ideal weight 'coz I really don't like how quickly i get tired out,I'm trying to shed some pounds this month.
So your posts will be great source of motivation.
Just stay focused and include lots of fibers and bran in your diet and try wrapping up dinner by 7-7.30 p.m early dinners do seem to help.

डा प्रवीण चोपड़ा said...

Best wishes for attaining healthy weight in a healthy way!

indianmakeupways said...

@IBC:-Wrapping up dinner by 7.30 is going to be an ordeal :D. I am used to eating late :D(guiltyyyyy). I will try to slowly change my dinner time :). Good luck with your weight loss effort too.Thanks so much for leaving a comment :)

@Dr.Praveen:-Thanks so much. I wish to go all the way this time and reach my goal weight :)

Coral Crue said...

Hi da, I so wanted to comment on this post. I was in your situation, exact same almost I have to say. Back problem etc.in decemeber 2011.
in jan, a gym opened near my house, a good one, where you have to pay up a lot of money up front. So just forgetting the cost, i decided, now or never and joined. I missed a lot of days at the gym but i have to tell you after struggling on and off, on and off, I am going every day now. sometimes i go three days a week when i need a break but most of the time, I am working out. the scales haven't shifted much because I am gaining muscle while losing weight. But my clothes have become loose, i fall ill less these days, i feel very happy and it's such a huge motivation to see all kinds of people working out. it's become a good time of my day to go regularly to gym. i even got gym gear to help me to go to the gym. i feel good, i haven't reached my 55kg mark, that will take time. but i am in no hurry to lose the weight, i just want to get healthy. just keep in mind that fitness is the main goal here more than losing kilos on the weighing scale, that just comes as a positive side effect in due time but it takes time. i have given myself one and half years to get fit. and i am 6 months down the line. i tell you, it's very hard to start and i have a buddy who kicks me to go to they gym every single day.that helps so much. i don't control my eating so much but i do cook my own meals now and i don't eat out anymore. i can control how much oil i put. i also snack on seasonal fruit with some nuts, any nut which i like. since mango is in season, i cut up a bowl of mango, banana and sprinkle walnuts into it these days. i would like to talk to you more about it whenever you feel you need motivation you can mail me. as i am going throught the very same thing. always here to help. And i am very glad, you have decided to start now.it's a good move and will keep you healthy for life.Only when you are healthy and happy can you make others healthy and happy :) Stay positive. the beginning is the hardest, take your hubby along to gym atleast in the beginning, chose a really good gym to go to, it's much easier.sounds hard, it is at first, but trust me on this, you will start enjoying it after one month of going regularly. it will become your zen state.

indianmakeupways said...

@CC:-Thanks so much for the comment. I understand your predicament. Please don't take too much weights when you are at the gym and that is what happened to me which inturn gave me the back pain that I am suffering now :(.But I reached my lightest (67 kgs) when I went to the gym. Because of health issues no more gym for me plus I don't like monotonous workouts. I know the beginning part is always the hardest. I started these kind of posts itself to keep me motivated. I am glad that you gave me such a detailed report. All the best in your journey towards reaching your goal. I will definitely mail you if I need motivation. Thanks for the offer :). I hope we both reach our goal weight soon :)

Meera said...

I am obese and I read this post with great interest. I am 5'6" and weigh nearly 110kgs. At school I was always around 70kg. For my first delivery, I crossed 100 and then for the second delivery, it was 110 and i keep losing a few kilos and gaining them back quick. I really need to get my weight on track so that i last long enough at least for my little kids :)

indianmakeupways said...

@Meera:-Thanks so much for the comment.I loved the last sentence "so that I last long enough atleast for my little kids". I think that itself is great motivation for any mother to start taking an initiative about losing weight. Even when I have my children I want to be there for them "health-wise" and I don't want to be the "fat aunty" mommy lol. If you are interested start your journey too along with me and I am sure that we all can go a long way when we are in this together. I have never seen you, but I understand the feeling because I too am obese and trying to get my life back. Do mail me if you need motivation and support or keep track of my future posts if you are interested in losing those extra kgs and becoming trim :)

Vanu said...

I have been struggling wid my weight since i remember. Im 5'2 and 64kgs.
Gym doesnt work for me as i feel bored there. Morning walks or jogging works for me wonders. I cud never jog however, started wid 10 seconds and very slowly increased it to 8-10minutes non-stop, which is a huge achievement for me. I cud see my inch loss.
Swimming also works wonders.
the things which i keep in my mind.
* No rice, noodles or maida items at night
* if i feel like eating rice, i take a bowl full of dal/sambar/ kadi or any liquid and put only 3-4tsp.of rice. that ways i dont crave for rice.
* 8-10 glasses of water and frequent trips to loo :p
* take ghiya/ bottle gourd soup. it will help u lose weight as well as prevent constipation which is a living hell, if ur trying to lose flab.
* do cycling while lying down.
* Dont ever skip breakfast
* Evening snacks should be fruits, buttermilk wid no salt n sugar, only plain roasted zeera(my fav.), only handful of peanuts, soymilk, salads
* Consume flaxseeds
* eat every 2-3 hours
* Be physically active
* u can also join SparkPeople.com, its really helpful

*** Please buy "dont lose mind, lose weight" book by Kareena's dietician. (i forgot her name)

*** Remember you are not dieting, you are EATING HEALTHY.

Respect your Body and dont expect it to change overnight.

okay Lets do it together. What say?

indianmakeupways said...

@vanu:-thanks for leaving such a long wonderful message with some amazing tips!!! YOU ROCK :D!!!!I will definitely try out things that you have mentioned here, the suggestions are really great. I am extremely thankful for the input and yup!lets do it together :).

Aarthi said...

Wow, That is an great idea, especially before planning for a baby !! I am not sure whether you can do it but have you tried Zumba dance? It is so much fun, more like a dance.

indianmakeupways said...

@aarthi:-Yup I have heard about it and its supposed to really work up a sweat.I am currently on hip hop abs but I will definitely give zumba a shot after a month :)

Rentu said...

anju, i have missed u the most, and i have been annoyed at time that i cudnt comment at ur blogs, cos u and Cynthia are the only 2 blogs as of now where i somehow manage to add a comment, its because of the terribly busy schedle that i have.... u take care and from flab to fit will happen soon

indianmakeupways said...

@rentu:- thats so sweet rentu :).Even am busy nowadays and cant find to respond to everyone & thats a reason y I turned it off. Even am keeping my fingers crossed. Hoping to become fit soon enough

Tanveer Parmar said...

Awwww! Anju! I hope that you achieve your goal :)... Do share your journey with us as it will be inspirational.

indianmakeupways said...

@tanveer:-thanks so much :)

Desi and the City said...

Dear Anju, I am in the same weight-situation and I am excited to read your upcoming posts about weight loss.

I am trying to loose weight but the hardest tAhing for me is to keep me motivated. Hope to get some inspiration from you.

Good luck to us!

indianmakeupways said...

@d&c:-long time no see girl!!!! how r u???????? Hope u r doin great! Sure, i will be posting more about my weight loss & fitness stuff. I am happy to give that extra push to people to be healthy :). as u said "good luck to us".

Desi and the City said...

Anju, I am fine, thank you :-) I quit blogging as I have lost the passion for it.

I have found your personal blog "Life on the rocks" just today. It's amazing. I am thinking like you in many ways.

Keep it up hun!

indianmakeupways said...

@d&c:- oh thats too bad. I loved ur blog. I always used to wonder why you just left and u were not even seen commenting that much. Thanks so much for checking out my other blog. I haven't updated in a while but I hope to do it soon enough :). Hoping to see you back soon and in my next fitness post do leave advice, tips and suggestions that you might have :)

Budget Belleza said...

This is a great initiative..I wonder Why did I not come across this post earlier..Better late than never I guess..
Count me in in ur weight loss mission.Me too over weight post my boy's birth and suffer from slipeed disc as well :(
But I guess things wud change now. :)
Keep posting to motivate us!
All the Best:

indianmakeupways said...

@BB:- post baby weight is natural. Bask in the glory of being a mom and start your exercise regimen slowly. Slipped disc is a huge problem. I have back pain but thankfully its not due to a disc problem. I developed oedema in the lower back which simply refused to go away. Even now a teensy bit is still there but am able to manage. Be careful when u choose your exercise when you have a slipped disc.I will definitely keep on posting.take care aditi :)

smita singh said...

I love u gals...even I am facing same problem....very good tips....bookmarked...page...

I want to wear .....sexy dresses....but obese me can't do this :(

love u all very gud tips...

smita singh said...

I gained weight after my miscarriage... :(

I become disfigured after that....being a punjabi...I can't leave my pratha's....just walking so that can get into shape soon

indianmakeupways said...

@smita:-sorry abt your miscarriage. Don't worry we will all get there. Being fit and healthy is not an easy thing to achieve. One definitely has to work hard to get there. I am a southie so my main weakness is rice and now I have substituted that with daliya and my weight is coming off and I am emotionally satisfied with my food choice. Emotional satisfaction is huge for losing weight. Y don't you stick to rotis and even better you can find a lot of "low-cal" recipes for parathas online and stick to the serving portion. There is no fun in completely letting go off foods that you like and love,moderation is key. Stay tuned for more updates :) and keep up the exercise.

smita singh said...

@anju thnx for ur sweet words...and yes i will stay tuned...

I am also taking dalia since few days...and its not easy to leave food you love.

stay in touch...just love ur blog...

indianmakeupways said...

@smita:-I know its not easy to leave food you love :). But try to find a substitute that fills your stomach "emotionally" too which is low cal in nature. Most of us leave our dieting midway 'coz we are too tired avoiding the foods we love and if you can conquer that half the battle is won!
Thanks so much for complimenting my blog. U take care and keep up with the exercise :)

khaddu said...

Hi Ammu , you have a lovely name and your very pretty . You remind me of a dear friend of mine :) . I wanted to know how was hip hop abs .. I have it downloaded but still did not start . Did you get good results with it ? Am on the heavier side . get tired soon when I start exercising . how to deal with this ?? Any suggestions please ?

Your so pretty .. I cant tell u :) !


indianmakeupways said...

@khaddu:-thanks so much for the lovely compliment :). Hip Hop abs is awesome!!!! Its godsend! I know am laying it on too thick lol, but its true. It definitely works and overall I have lost some kilos and mainly lost inches from my arms, waist, hips and thighs. need I say more???? I will be updating soon :) How much ever heavier you are it doesn't matter. You should have the determination to do it and also follow a healthy diet thats all. Hip Hop abs might be a bit overwhelming at first as in moving around non stop for 30 mins may seem too much but try to take breaks in b/w if you are that out of shape. Start with the fat burning cardio routine split it into two parts and after first 15 mins take rest for 5-10 mins and resume your exercise. even in this way you will end up burning calories and another thing if you are really really overweight and really out of shape start with some basic exercises like walking to just give your body some time to adjust to physical activity and then venture into hip hop abs. Honestly its a great workout and shaun T is a great instructor. He just tells you to keep on going and keeps you motivated when you are doing the program. I will be putting up a post about hip hop abs soon (maybe sometime next week) and will be writing in detail about the workout. Hope this helps :) Take care and don't give up.

khaddu said...

Hey Ammu :) Thanks so much for the speedy reply ! I never expected it frankly :) Thsnks so much . The other day I tried to do Rockin Body .. my god I almost died ! Can you imagine then how out of shape I am !! :( My body was in such a shock that I haven done anything since that day . this was a month ago !!

But anywyas , am inspired by your determination :) :) . Thanks so much . You seem very sweet and very down to earth you know :) . Also can you please tell me inch wise how much you lost with hip hop abs and in how many days ?? I mean like how much in week 1 and so on .... ? Am always interested in inch loss and not in weight loss :P .

Thank you so much once again Ammu :* ! Have a good day ahead :) !

khaddu said...

Hey Ammu :) Thanks so much for the speedy reply ! I never expected it frankly :) Thsnks so much . The other day I tried to do Rockin Body .. my god I almost died ! Can you imagine then how out of shape I am !! :( My body was in such a shock that I haven done anything since that day . this was a month ago !!

But anywyas , am inspired by your determination :) :) . Thanks so much . You seem very sweet and very down to earth you know :) . Also can you please tell me inch wise how much you lost with hip hop abs and in how many days ?? I mean like how much in week 1 and so on .... ? Am always interested in inch loss and not in weight loss :P .

Thank you so much once again Ammu :* ! Have a good day ahead :) !

khaddu said...

And also is Ammu your real name ?? Am totally looking forward to your post on hip hop abs :D !

Cheers !

indianmakeupways said...

@khaddu:-the inch loss is really good. I lost 3 inches off my waist and 2 and half inches from my hips and so on. Even more than the inch loss the midsection has become more toned. Now it doesn't pop out hen I sit down. Hope you know what I mean, It remains where it should.The toning that has come along with the inch loss is absolutely stunning!hey, don't get fixated on numbers, inches etc everyone's journey and results are different. You may undergo more inch loss than me. You never know. Don't let these things stop you from starting your journey, u will know what you can achieve only if you start out.I know rockin body, its great too. I love the disco groove from rockin body and do it from time to time along with hip hop abs to give me a cardio boost. Its an awesome program. But I would tell you to start out with hip hop abs to build some stamina and then venture into something as strong as rockin body. As shaun t says keep a towel and water nearby and party off the pounds :D.I will be updating abt hip hop abs and my complete weight and inch loss next week. Hope you will get all your answers by then OK? take care and as cliched as this may sound, Never Give Up!

Oh ya, My real name is not Ammu, its Anju. Ammu is just a nick name :)

khaddu said...

hey Ammu , Thanks so much for your great support and advice. I will defnitely start soon and you have a big hand in that :) . I will wait for your post :) . Thank u so much ! :*


swathi said...

hey anju...ur blog is amazing...the way you describe the performance of the products after your usage was so informative...thank you...i am too a victim of obesity...i am 26yr old.5'3" long and weighs abt 72kg(present)...i was 78kg about 2 months ago n decided to go for a weight loss progrmme.so i started going for a walk in the mornings..i walked 4km daily..@5kmph but with no food restrictions.im too a south indian...cant live without rice.after getting my results in weight reduction,now i hav decided to join a dieting program to my work outs....u mentioned abt hip hop abs ...can u plz tell me from which site can i download it safely?and plz do post ur progress

indianmakeupways said...

@swati:-thanks so much for the kind words :). All the best with your weight loss goals and never ever give up. I have already reviewed hip hop abs on my blog, check it out for more details. I bought the dvds via ebay but you can also download them through torrent. Do come back and check as I will be posting more about my weight loss. Take care :)

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