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 I am not the biggest fan of glitter liquid liners and I really don't remember the reason why I bought this in the first place! Anyway this is in my makeup stash now and I have used it a couple of times  to give a review.

 The packaging is sleek and has 2.5 ml of product. I bought this in no:4 (yup there is no name and I hate it when its like that!)

 The applicator is felt-tip but at the same time the tip is flexible and doesn't poke my eye.

Here is the swatch. Its a black liner with lots of gold flecks in it.


Easy availability at chambor counters

The applicator is good

I like the fact that it has gold sparkles instead of silver ones

They show up pretty well on the eyes

It is really metallic


The line will break up after 2 hours or so

One has to go over the line a couple of times to build it up

Waterproof???? Now that is a joke! It gets removed with water at the first swipe!

Price:-675 Rs/- (God only knows why I bought this at such steep price when I am not even a fan of glitter liners)

Overall:- This is an OK glitter liner but not worth the price that you are paying for

Repurchase & Recommend:- NO!

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