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 Khurram asked me via email "What is the treatment for dry & damaged hair? I have used many masks but to no avail and can you suggest a solution?"

I thought I would put up this question as a post so that maybe my other readers can also benefit from it. First of all I am NO expert but I would love to share some tips with you all about how I keep my  hair healthy.

Oiling the hair:-

 This might seem very old school but believe me it works! I am a keralite, so coconut oil has always been a part of my hair care routine. I must say whenever I wash my hair I put some oil (mostly coconut oil) on my hair and leave it on for atleast half an hour before washing it out. It really gives the hair much needed nourishment and makes your hair soft and smooth.

Find the "right" shampoo:-

 Its always important to find the right shampoo for your hair type. If you wash your hair regularly then use a mild everyday shampoo that doesn't strip the hair. I always prefer to use dove or sunsilk as they suit my hair the most. Its a trial & error method. Some shampoos suit your hair and some don't...well....that means I will have to shell out a lot of money till I get the correct one rt?????? Hmmmmm....not necessarily try the small sachets for a week or so and splurge when you think you have found the right one for your hair!

Always condition the hair:-

If you are shampooing the hair then always always always (I cannot stress this enough) put conditioner on your hair! Use a conditioner that moisturises the hair without weighing it down. Make sure that you don't apply the conditioner to the scalp and use it on the ends of the hair the most. Leave it on for a couple of minutes before washing it out otherwise the conditioner won't have enough time to work its magic.

Use a leave-in conditioner:-

 If the hair is very dry even after doing the above steps, then its best to invest in a leave in conditioner. A lot of companies make serums & sprays noways which you can apply on the hair to give the extra moisture to the hair. Again make sure you are concentrating on the hair tips as they are the ones that get damaged the most.

Using a hair mask:-

 Hair masks are supposed to supplement the regimen that I stated above and its not to be used as a sole product that has the ability to  miraculously transform any hair. No, it doesn't work that way. Dove makes some amazing hair masks and if there is extra money to splurge then try out Macadamia & Moroccan Oil hair masks.

 Do an oil massage atleast once a week:-

If you are someone who doesn't have the patience to put oil on your hair every single time you wash the hair  then atleast do an oil massage mixing together a lot of oils (coconut,almond,olive etc etc) and make sure that you massage the scalp properly with the oil and also concentrate on the hair ends. I personally prefer olive oil as its very moisturisng and leaves the hair soft, shiny, silky & smooth.

Get a trim:-

I know I know you want to grow your hair long. But hey, you want your hair to be healthy & strong too right? then, get a trim every 3 months atleast. You don't have to chop off a whole bunch of hair just trim enough to keep the split ends and dryness at the ends of the hair at bay.

Use heat protector products:-

If you tend to blowdry, curl or straighten your hair on a daily basis then stop that. How much ever you use a styling product the daily dose of heat damage will be too much for the hair to bear. Always use a heat protector if & when you have to heat style the hair. Sunsilk has come up with an amazing heat protectant spray and definitely buy it if you don't already have one.

Use a weekly clarifying shampoo & apply hair mask after that:-

A cleansing shampoo is a must if you use a lot of product on the hair. It helps to get rid of all the buildups in your hair and makes the hair squeaky clean. But, let me remind you that it strips the mositure away from the hair so always use a mask after that. Some good cleansing shampoos are Lush Big, Pantene, St.Ives & Redken

Eat Healthy:-

A lot of people forget this. But, eating healthy food really helps your hair. Eat a lot of veggies and take sufficient water and if you have any deficiencies then get it checked out and take appropriate supplements for that. I won't say to avoid junk food but do limit it.

Professional help:-

Sometimes we all need a professional touch if we have abused & taken our hair for granted for too long. If that is the case then get yourself an appointment at the nearest good salon and always listen to what the hair stylist has to say and never forget to give your opinion, after all its your hair!!!

So, I hope this answers your queries khurram and do read My Hair Care Routine if you need to know more about caring for hair. I hope this helps :)

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