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 I have FINALLY decided to "TURN OFF" my comments section atleast for the time being. When I first started blogging it was all because I was stranded in a new city with ZERO friends and I had a lot of free time on my hands as I took a break from my studies to enjoy the feeling of being "MARRIED".Through blogging I received some amazing friends whom I totally adore.

My blog is 2 years old, I have grown older and wiser and most of all busier with my day to day life. I am a doctor by profession, so as much as I do love makeup and my blog, sadly I cannot just find enough time to squeeze in my studies, work and family life. It came to a point where I would feel dejected if I didn't see atleast 10 comments after putting up a post!!! Well, it is quite unnatural for someone to feel so "strongly attached" to the ego boosting part of the whole blogging process. I do visit all my blogger friends even now but sometimes I don't get the time to put in a nice word or two in the comments section and maybe it is MY shortcoming of not being able to find time for that. Then, I started thinking.......when I don't have the time to comment on others maybe...others are busy too and not finding the time to comment back. I hate it when I don't get time to reply to every single nice comment that comes my way. Taking all these things into account I have decided to turn off the comments section for now. Maybe I will turn it back ON .........Someday!!! Who knows???

The Contests, the running around to get new followers...... follow me and I will follow you back comments etc has taken its toll on me. My whole idea for this blog was to keep me entertained and happy when I was lonely in a new city. It still does all that but I think my priority has changed and I too somehow got into the bandwagon of wanting more followers and comments and I now understand that its not healthy.

I simply now want to focus in on the finer things and most important aspect of blogging........Personal Satisfaction.

 I do know that some people may not agree with my decision and honestly I envy other bloggers who find time to do EVERYTHING in their lives. I enjoy reading your comments and replying but when I am not able to do that every single time it upsets me very much.

I knew that I am getting addicted to the comments when I started thinking "What would the comments be? will they love it or hate it???" It just feeds your ego and not the creative side. I want my creative side to grow and I want my readers to come and read my posts and not feel obliged to leave a comment just because I visited their blog and left them a word or two.

 After I made this decision I am completely HAPPY & I feel FREE.

But Heyyyyyyyy I am still here . You can always Email me, send messages through Facebook & Twitter .

I hope you guys understand  and encourage me regarding the new decision that I have made for myself & my blog. I love you all and thanks so much for understanding.

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