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 I have extremely oily skin so it has been a lifelong quest for me to find the "perfect" sunscreen that doesn't make my face extra sticky and greasy. Thinking back, I have spent a lot of money trying to find that "elusive" sunscreen and I am happy to finally announce that I have finally found it!!!! Anyone who has excess oil production on their face knows for one fact that oily skin gets oxidised pretty easily even without makeup and finally ends up looking dark and dull. Its very important to have sunscreen on to prevent tanning and  hyperpigmentation, but, it was always at the cost of leaving my face an oil slick!NOT ANYMORE!!!! Introducing......... CHRISTIAN DIOR -DIORSNOW SUNSCREEN SPF 50 TRANSLUCENT.

 This is just a sample size of 10 ml and the original tube comes in 30ml. I will explain as to why I have a sample size and not the full size. I first heard about this sunscreen from a blogger and I did my own research and I found that this particular sunscreen has excellent reviews. I decided to purchase it for myself but I was in for a surprise..........One tube of this lil fellow costs about 3000 rupees(30 ml tube, full size). I was aghast! That much money for a sunscreen..........thats just madness. I then searched a bit and finally found sample sizes on ebay and decided to give the sample a try. It cost me 600 rs including shipping to try this sample size, but believe me its sooooooooo worth it! I used it for around 3 weeks and understood that this is the HG sunscreen for my skin, and still I was in a dilemma.....its simply B***S*** to spend this much money on a single sunscreen and so I figured a way out. The seller from whom I had purchased the sample had a sale of dior products with the sample sizes of this sunscreen and I got myself  3 samples, 10 ml each and I paid a total of 1200 rs including shipping! How cool is that huh....

 I haven't even opened the above samples yet as the one that I have opened is still going strong.

 The opening  is just large enough to provide the right amount when you squeeze the product out.

 One needs only this much amount for the entire face.

Now lets move on to the pros and cons

-Excellent sunscreen for ladies with oily and extremely oily skin
-Will not leave a greasy look on the face
-Gives a matte finish and for me it kind of makes my skintone a bit even, No idea as to how this product does this, but it sure does!
-No freaky white cast
-No excessive sweating when you put the sunscreen on(some sunscreens makes me sweat a lot.....quite       odd...I know)
-No unpleasant smell
-Spf 50 and it gives really good protection
-A little bit is needed for the whole face, so the tube lasts for a long long time
-Keeps my face looking fresh for atleast 4-5 hrs and after that I have to blot a bit....but no excess oil production is seen
-Helps my face to remain fresh and prevents darkening due to the oil production
-The texture of the cream is a bit sticky but it gets absorbed real fast
-I have had no sensitivity issues so far

 Available only at Dior counters and online
Price might be a HUGE turn off for some

Recommend:- I DO! I DO! I DO! (sounds like a wedding lol). Do give this a try if you have the money to spare and suffer from oily skin like myself. Its really excellent!!!

Repurchase:- HELL YEAH!!!!!


beautydiva said...

Great review. Am yet to find my hg sunscreen. Thanks for sharing :) Btw where have you been? :)

opal said...

Welcome back...

indianmakeupways said...

@Beautydiva:-my computer crashed and was undergoing repair for thepast one month. Thats the reason why I was not blogging for such a long time.
@opal:-thanks :)

G.G.G said...

Hey...nice to see you back Anju :-))

this sounds like a perfect product..but price tag is a turn off :-))

Rakhshanda said...

Welcome back honey, I hope you keep blogging regularly.
The product sounds great especially for oily skin!!

indianmakeupways said...

@GGG:-ya tis is an awesome product,but seriously the price is just tooooo much!

@raks:-thanks dear. I plan to blog regularly. My laptop crashed and I was not able to blog for a month. Hope that doesn't happen anytime soon :)

Rentu said...

have u tried t lotus 3 in 1 safe sun matte, that seems to be decent, and doesnt make me oily for 3hrs...try that, and how is you...long time

bhumika said...

looks nice..but too expensive na..

indianmakeupways said...

@rentu:-hi, am doing good. I have tried that but it didn't work for me, as I mentioned I have EXTREMELY oily skin :(

indianmakeupways said...

@bhumika:-Yup its too expensive :(

Viva said...

Great to see u back Girl! :D

Abt the sunscreen ...It is quite expensive, but sounds very good !

indianmakeupways said...

@viva:-yup it is expensive but worth it :) ya am back, hope to blog regularly :)

Swarnali said...

Helo!! The product sounds really wonderful but the price is way beyond my budget. Have you tried VLCC's Hydrophobic sunblock SPF 50??

indianmakeupways said...

@vlcc products really dont work well for me. So I don't try 'em. I know that this sunscreen is really costly. But, if u get hold of a sample size then do try

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