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I have been using Nars Sheer Matte Foundation and I actually like it....mind you....I don't love it too much and you will know the reason below :), so read on.

Its a great oil free foundation that does not add more oil to the skin
Nice matte finish
Blends beautifully and little bit goes a long way
Medium- full coverage, but I do think people with pigmentation marks might need to use concealer
Does not oxidise
The color may look a bit yellow when applying but it adapts to the skin easily.
Great for photography, check out my fotd to find out
Makeup remains very natural for a very long time(the max I have worn is 6 hrs)
No break outs so far

Not easily available
Very costly at 2500 rs
What I don't like is, eventhough it claims to be sheer matte it does not control the extra oil my skin produces which is a deal breaker for me as I chose this foundation thinking that it will give me matte skin. I have to blot it every 2 hrs to keep up the matte look.

Repurchase:-Its a good foundation, maybe for combination or not so oily skin.Mine is super oily so it doesn't hold up to its claim and I am a bit disappointed. Maybe I will buy another foundation from their line after I have used this one up.

Has anyone used any of the nars foundation....then do let me know and do tell me which one I should try next from their line.


Rakhshanda said...

looks great Anju, I love your FOTD with it, is it light weight on the skin? Ya, pricey but quality is great, nice review <3

indianmakeupways said...

@raks:-yup its really light weight and natural looking

Aarthi said...

Sounds interesting but true that it is very expensive :(

RASHMI said...

awesome review anju :D ... 3.5 K is little too much isnt it ??

but i loveddd your face in this and pls tell me which shade you are using ??

loveddd it though

indianmakeupways said...

@rashmi:-the foundation is a luxury and not a necessity. i am nc 43-45, so am sure that the shade am using is not the one for u.I am using tahoe

Marina said...

I don't think it would be good for me..

indian beauty central said...

I had read good reviews about this one, but if it doesn't manage to control oil, well then that's indeed a deal breaker. But must say it looks great in your fotd

Appu said...

Sounds like a good one but yeah, everything NARS is expensive! I've been wanting to try the Sheer glow one for a while now :)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

yeah, i guess it's not the right foundation for your skin, but i do agree--this is super pricey!

Nivedita said...

Too expensive. but the shade looks like would suit a lot of Indian skin tones

Vintage Makeup said...

Too bad that it doesn't keep your face matte!

RASHMI said...

thank you anju :D ... I am NC 41 so I guess a shade here and there will suit me :D :D ....

will see if i crack a deal for this :D :D

lovedddd it on you :D

anamika said...

few people just love it sad that it doesnt work on you Anju ..but u look great in this pic :)

Viva said...

3500/- is not the amount I have spent on my foundations ALL combined(I have 5-6 of them!)

Even for that if it does not give u the longer-lasting matte effect- :P deal breaker for ME! I thought NARS was better than this.

For about 300/- U can getsimilar if not better result from oriflame matte control foundation/or their foundation stick(600/-)
will review them shortly.

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