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I am soooooo much in love with this particular shade and this gloss, so much so that I am using it almost every single day!!! I actually saw this shade with my sister and tried it on and got hooked to it instantly. Read on to find out about this great color. The shade that I have is "Mauve"

Lovely lovely lovely color!!!!!!!!
Suits my complexion( am nc 43-45) very well
I don't have to reapply all the time
Quite pigmented and a lil bit sticky...but in a good way
Leaves a nice tint once the color wears off
Very good for office and day time use
Easy availability
Love the bent applicator....its perfect!

Who are they trying to kid???? Doesn't last for 6 hrs!!!
If you keep on piling up the gloss it tends to ball up a bit as its really sticky
Make sure that your lips don't have any peelers, otherwise this gloss will stick to it like crazy.
Price, 750 rs/- is a bit steep....hmmmm but looking at the bright side, the tube will last a long time...but seriously it comes close enough to mac glosses as far as the price is concerned!!!!

I will definitely buy this again and again as I am sooooo much in love with this color.

Do you guys like the color????


Rakhshanda said...

Woww the shade is just Superb!! Hmmm....but the price is a bit too much.

Sara.H said...

Lovely shade :) looks pretty on you

Poohkie said...

Mauvish shades always look really good on you. So this one looks good too. Where are you these days?

Chandana said...

oohhh lovely shade!

bhumika said...

dats a damn pretty color anju..

indian beauty central said...

Ooooh I'm loving it!

Nivedita said...

( Raising my hands) Yeaah!!! I had used two shades. those are so beautiful. Love the shimmer which are so finely milled. Looks so lovely on you. Like your choice of lip colors dear

Appu said...

Lovely shade! Thats bad it doesn't stay for 6 hrs! These claims just put me off :(

Tanveer Parmar said...

Looks really pretty & shimmery :)

How have u been?

Anonymous said...

Im gona buy it :D

indianmakeupways said...

@raks:-ya i know, price is a bit too much
@sara:-thank uu
@poohkie:-thanks yaar. am really busy studying. i have joined a coaching center and preparing for my pg really hard this time around. i got thru the entrance exams but wont be getting the speciality that i want. so am gonna repeat :)

@chandana,bhumika,IBC:-thanks ladies :)

@nivedita:-yup i love it too. i am a lipstick and lipgloss person. i love buying more and more :D

@appu:-ya, the companies do anything to sell a product which is sad

@tanveer:-yup its a great shade

@sugar:-u wont regret it :)

Poohkie said...

All the best!!

Rentu said...

hey it looks super pretty

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