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 Ok, I know that Khadi has some loyalists out there and after reading numerous bloggers rave about khadi I caved in and bought some of my khadi stuff a long time back. This brand is not available in Kerala, so I was excited to try something new.But, I dislike this cleanser soooooooo much that I don't have enough words to diss it! sorry people, I hate this khadi product. I was so sure that this product would hit jackpot if not would atleast satisfy my cravings for a good cleanser.....sadly it was not to be!

What it says:-An ideal combination of tea tree, neem and lemon extracts, it provides deep skin cleansing and protects it from pollution grime leaving it nourished along with a vibrant glow best for oily skin.

 Ingredients:-tea tree,neem,lemon,manjistha,glycerin,rose water,aloevera,cleanser base.

The mere fact that its for oily skin and the great ingredients itself was enough for me to go ahead and buy this without a second thought......but boy! was I wrong!!!!!

The big name among bloggers 'coz its a khadi product
The non availability of this product makes it all the more "wanted"
Very basic and easy packaging
210 ml of product for 185 rs
The product itself is clear with a slight green tint to it
Has very refreshing smell of tea tree & lemon
Lathers up very well and only a small amount of product is needed
Does soak up oil from the face and leaves it clean

Well, it leaves the face a bit "too clean" for my taste. It just sucks up the natural oil too and leaves my face dry and parched. It happened with the first use itself. But I kept on using it for a couple of days more(my mistake) and ended up with peeling skin!!! It never happens to me very often as I don't have sensitive skin and my skin is pretty tough,so,I can try a lot of products on my face without any worries. But this one left my skin very raw and it was quite painful and I had to slather on some heavy moisturisers to bring it back to normalcy!!!

Overall, I would never buy this again and will not recommend this product even for super oily skinned ppl like myself!!!

My rating for this would be 0/5

By the way, am now using it as my pedicure shampoo as it lathers up pretty well and it has tea tree and lemon and mostly, I don't want to waste it.


anamika said...

ohh gosh..first time i have seen rating to a blog and that too khadi..will never think of touching it also.

Rentu said...

awww, thats bad, i have also this temptation to try khadi products, but this has been such a disaster

Rinz said...

Hey i am ur new follower :) such a lovely blog u got!! check my blog too. miss-rinrin.blogspot.com

G.G.G said...

Hey Anju...

Too bad that it didnt work for you :-( I too have used a few Khadi products in the past and using presently too..Well I can only say that there are product that work for me and there are those that don't too. I was quite confused initially about this mismatch of quality..coz it is Khadi and supposed to be authentic n all that right?? So there I went researching on the background a bit. And I realised that these products are coming from various associated sources from around India - it could be a self help unit, a small factory, a home etc etc..So this explained the in consistency. And unfortunately, we customers have no choice but to buy whatever is sold to us. Sorry for the long ish explanation, but I thought it would help.

HD said...

Peeling skin!! That was a pretty bad experience :(

Poohkie said...

OMG That's terrible! I hope your skin is healing now. This is definitely making me nervous as I was planning on getting some khadi products. I think I'll try moisturisers & avoid cleansers.

bhumika said...

khadi has its own hits n misses anju..everythg is not great..
n dis definitely is a big miss..for sure..

Soft, Sweet and Gentle said...

I have just started using Khadi...i find the soaps are ok....not that great I'm going to try their body lotion next...if it doesn't suit your oily skin(if I'm correct)..then it would be a disaster for my dry-normal skin type...thanks for the review Anju....

Sara.H said...

I am sad to know that it didn't work for you :( thanks for sharing it

RASHMI said...

ohh god :( thas bad dear .... never thought this way .... but good u r back to normal skin now :D :D

uzma@bbl said...

Anju, I was actually planning to buy stuff from Khadi, but now I'm skeptical! BTW howz the exam prep going on? Aren't u feeling sleepy? I remember everytime I tried studying I always felt sleepy!

indianmakeupways said...

@GGG:-thanks so much for explaining it to me. I know tat every brand has its hits and misses but never thought this one would rip my skin off. but am always open to trying new products from khadi.

@poohkie:-hey dont let this deter u from getting a good khadi cleanser. make sure that u dont get this one. tats all. I have heard lotsa bloggers rave abt lots of other cleansers by khadi

@SSG:-well, I am not sure yaar, this one is specially meant for oily skin and I think the neem,lemon & tea tree ingredient would be most suitable for acne prone oily skin than clear face with oily skin.

@uzma:-hey dont worry yaar, every brand has its pitfall product or stuff tat others rave abt and fail to impress u, so dont competely be skeptical. and LOL yes, I do feel sleepy but wat to do.......I didnt study much coz i was soooooo happy after getting married.....i dont think i will get in anywhere next year, am planning for 2012.gotta gear up for tat.

indianmakeupways said...

@everyone else:-thanks for the lovely comments and stay away from this one if u can.but do try other products from khadi, am sure it will be great!

Tanveer Parmar said...

OMG!! You always say you have like Super Duper Oily skin & this dried out your skin!!! This must be like some industrial strength cleanser yaar, sounds horrid.

I wld suggest don't even use it on your feet - it wld dry them out too & give you rough, dry skin :(

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