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I have been wanting to write a review about this palette for quite some time now and here it is. This is the 5 color warm palette-02 from colorbar and this palette contains really fun & festive colors especially fit for Indian festivals and I should've reviewed this before Diwali! Oh well, better late than never! :D

Easily available at all colorbar counters
Great colors(especially for festivals, weddings etc)
Has tiny shimmers which are not overpowering
Really pigmented except for the first color which is a bit too sheer for my taste
Holds up well for atleast 5 hrs without a base and with base am sure it will last longer
Very economical. The palette costs about 500/- I think.....correct me if I am wrong
The colors suit really well for Indian skin tone

 A bit hard to blend and at times I find the colors a bit too sticky and hard to transfer on to the lids

 I love the last three colors the most. They are awesome!

 Overall I would definitely reccomend this palette to those who are on a budget & would love to have some fun colors with 'em to play.

So who all has this palette and whats ur take on it???


Tanveer Parmar said...

I have had this palette since like April & I quite like Plumful, Mystery & Brun.. I think this palette is a good purchase - the price is good, colors are nice for the festive season ahead, good payoff.. Though I am not like in love with it. I sometimes find it too shimmery and difficult to blend.

Appu said...

I like all colors except the first one. Have you tried using it as a highlight or as on all-over lid colour? This seems like a very affordable palette!!!

anamika said...

Quiet pigmented indeed..

HD said...

I have this palette and def love it :)

Rentu said...

hello, i have a teeny weeeny request for you, since i always adore your eyemakeup...can u come up with few looks with these...pls pls......

Natasha said...

wow... I love alll the shades and that rarely happens with me :)

indianmakeupways said...

@tanveer:-ya i do agree with u in the blending part but i think the shimmer is great for weddings & festivals but not so much for everyday look.
@appu:-i tried it as an all over lid color ...and it doesnt suit my skin tone that well...but i guess i can try using tat as a highlighter
@anamika:-ya i love the palette for tat!
@hd:-hey same sentiments here :)
@rentu:-definitely! i would love to! the next look tat i do...i will be definitely using this palette...it can surely bring abt some amazing color combos :)

Natasha said...

:-o My comment is missing :(

I was saying I love all the shades and that rarely happens with me :)

Poohkie said...

How is the fallout with this one?

Believe it or not, I haven't found this palette in Chennai :(

There are very few Colorbar counters to begin with & they're always very poorly stocked.

indianmakeupways said...

@poohkie:-its a shame tat its not to be found in chennai...its a retty good palette. yup there is a bit of fall out. but nothing tat u cant manage :)

anamika said...

no post today?

indianmakeupways said...

no yaar, was just too darn lazy...so ended up watching some new movies yest and reading other ppl's blogs! :D

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