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 I was searching for quality & affordable color liquid liners and which better brand to splurge than ELF? These liquid liners come in cute bottles and they have some great colors too. I bought two just for a test drive and here is my verdict!

I bought midnight(dark navy blue) and plum(a beautiful dark plum shade with small shimmers).

Colors are beautiful! and the color payoff is also good.
The "midnight" goes on as black on to my lids and for those who need a break from the intense black look can try this.
Goes on real smooth on to the lids and the color is buildable.
The liner has a "felt" tip so precision is a huge bonus.
Doesn't smudge.
Very pocket friendly (costs inside 200/- each)
Available at ELF counters easily

The thing has a funky smell (I dont mind as its not on my lips or nose lol)
It dries up too fast, so when you start lining do it fast...otherwise it will dry up on the tip.
It has a shiny look ...more than a matte look(I prefer matte looks)
Lasts for abt 4-5 hrs ...after that it starts to peel if u accidentally touch your eyes.
A bit difficult to take it off...I have to rub a lot more with my eye makeup remover!

Overall:-Its a good buy for those on a budget and would like to have color liners. I will definitely use up the colors that I have with me...repurchase????? am not too sure....not that I hate it...but am always on the look out for new products, thats all.

Which color liners do you guys use? Any suggestions?


Tanveer Parmar said...

I use pencil liners like 99% of the time. Somehow I don't like liquid liners, but I do always have the Lakme instaliner Liquid in black with me for certain looks.. I wish ELF gets their Studio line in India soon :).. Nice review, they look like pretty shades :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

They are pretty colors...I have yet to really experiment that heavily with different colored eyeliners...this inspired me to be a little more daring. ;)

G.G.G said...


Plum for me...I wantsssss. It looks so pretty Anju..

anamika said...

they r goonna look superb...i don buy liquie eyeliners in colored as i hardly use them..but looking at thes ei will surly like to try them..

anamika said...

By the way ..ceck out this :D


Desi and the City said...

These liners by elf seem to have no amazing quality. Thank you for the warning!

I rarely use any colored liners.

Poohkie said...

*sob sob* No elf in Chennai :(

The plum is so beautiful.

Natasha said...

I am a big fan of coloured eye liners too! And the plum looks really pretty :)

Rakhshanda said...

Looks really great!! I love using liquid liners from Revlon and Colorbar.
By the way have you bought these online??

indianmakeupways said...

@tanveer:-ya even I wish so!
@ggg:-even i love plum the mostest!
@anamika:-actually i love liquid liners to pencil liners.personally i find em more easy :D
@poohkie:-really???? i used to think chennai & blore are the 2 hip plazes down south where we are supposed to get these stuff!
@rakhshanda:-no,i bought them from a store near my home in mumbai. ita available at almost all elf counters.

Poohkie said...

B'lore is much more 'stylish' in that sense. You'r likely to find a lot of diff brands there. But Chennai is not like that. In fact I think Hyd is much further ahead of Chennai when it comes to availability of brands.

PnB said...

Plum looks super super pretty...we dont get ELF in delhi :(

Rhamnousia @ Desi Girl Does Makeup said...

I have two of their gel liners in midnight and gunmetal. I wanted the purple one but it was out of stock.

Both are really nice, I tend to use gel or felt tip liners more as I feel I have more control with them. I have finally learnt how to use liquid liner but I feel safer with the other two.

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