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I bought this just before my 2 week vacay from my nearest Health & Glow store and I love this spray! I got ample time to use it and I love it so much that I wanted to post the review.

This spray is meant to protect the hair while "heat styling" it. Its used for both blow drying and also for ironing the hair. On the bottle its given as "Toni & Guy Iron-It Heat Defense Spray- maximum heat protection for straight styles"

I used this spray pretty much everyday to give my hair a shine even when i wasn't "blow drying" my hair. On days when we used to wake up late there would be no time to take a head bath(i wash my hair everyday, ya i know *shocker*...well thats the way I have done things till now and no probs at all) I would simply spray this onto my hair and blow dry my hair in the "cool setting" & my hair would be good to go...all frizz free & shiny. There was not much of product build up and I could do this procedure for 3 days straight ,but after that my hair started feeling like straw(well, thats quite expected. so dont have any probs with tat). As long as you give ur hair a proper wash atleast on alternate days I feel this would work like a charm and I personally dont blowdry or iron my hair everyday. But I did notice that the spray gives "immense" shine when I iron my hair and "some" shine when I blowdry. It does make my hair silky smooth and I love it.

Directions:Shake can well & hold it 20 cms away from the hair and spray. spray on damp hair if blowdrying & on dry hair if ironing.

Easily available
Gives great protection from heat (did not "aggravate" the split ends I already had while heat styling)
Imparts healthy looking shine & smoothness
Has a pleasant smell (maybe a bit over powering for some. but I love it)
I love sprays rather than serums for heat protection and this is great

Cons:- Made my hair very unhealthy on the 4th day(plz note that I had not taken a head wash in b/w 'coz at the time I was on a travelling spree pluz I had a cold....but I wanted my hair to look great. lol).All the buildup went off after I had a headbath.

Price:-675/- for 200 ml


shoppingaholic said...

Wow I am loving your pic as the header of your blog. Gorgeous!!

Rakhshanda said...

ohh the secret of your shining hair...haha...nice product!

Desi and the City said...

Hello sweety, yes I am back! I had a hard time so I didn't post a lot!

So amazing that you have recognized it. :)

Your blog has become so great! I love your make up looks and your eyes! Really pretty!

Keep it up, hun!

Rentu said...

this is another addition to my list, thanks thanks, and by the same pinch again, i have a head bath too everyday :)...now we are the headbath sister as well :P

Appu said...

The blog header is really hot! I've never tried Toni and Guy stuff!!! How are their conditioners? have you tried them Anju?

anamika said...

In my list for sure:)

Sharon said...

Love the header <3<3
You have gr8 hair so i'n definitely likin this

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

hair styling is such a pain! thanks for sharing this product.


beautydiva said...

thanks for the informative post :)

indianmakeupways said...

@SA,sharon & Appu:- thanks guys, great to know tat u liked the header :D
@rakhshanda :- ;) yup u can say tat

@DC:-yup yaar I did notice & missed ur posts. thanks for the great words....we all started our blogs around the same time rt?
@rentu:-thank gawd tat I have someone who's like me. lotsa ppl I kno think its weird to take headbath everyday.I just dont feel comfortable otherwise.
@anamika:-ya yaar, its a good buy.
@beautydiva:-u r welcome dear :)

indianmakeupways said...

@appu:-I have used their daily shine fix shampoo & conditioner and tat ruined my hair. so i basically stay away from their shampoos and they have mixed reviews all over the net. But coz I loved this so much I bought their "leave in conditioner" and so far it is great. let me use it for atleast 2 weeks. will post a review :)

Pratishtha Durga said...

I have the most boring wash and wear hair. So this might prompt me to do something about it. You have a great blog. Am looking around for the first time, and love it.

StockToGo said...

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