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Because of a small accident I had when I was a child I developed a scar on my "rt" eye brow and till date eventhough the scar is not to be seen, no hair has grown in that area and my mom used to put castor , almond oil etc to no avail. When I became older I understood that no hair will ever grow over a scarred area. So then my attempts started to find products that would camouflage it easily and effectively. I have used pencils, powders and even kajal when I was young(ya, i know big mistake). The biggest mistake was using a black eyebrow pencil and not a brown one. So after many a trial & error I finally found a product that suits my needs!!!

Its the Body Shop Brow & Liner kit.

The Body shop presents  this kit to the Indian market in a single shade in no:03 and its suitable for all indian skin tones as it contains both dark brown and black in it. It also comes with a cute brush as u can see but I never use it as I find it too tedious with the small brush. I use my long vega anglular blender brush and the product goes on smooth. I just put a bit on the defective area and I usually don't do the whole bit of "proper" eyebrow lining 'coz am a person who likes to do stuff in easy ways and this particular product helps me to camouflage tat area easily.


As you can see from the above picture(Forgive my ungroomed brows am growing it at the moment) I have used only the brown color(only on the area i am having no hair at all)and did only a few strokes and groomed my eyebrow with a brow wand to keep my eyebrow in place. This is a great product for me and I have been using this for atleast 3 months now and am very happy. 
Packaging is great
Powder is very fine and the colors match Indian tones
Is really long lasting
Very easy to use
Perfect for a specific spot & also for the whole eyebrow
You can also use the powders to line lower lashes(mainly to set kajal ) and hence the "liner" part comes into the kit's name


Price for this is 725/- If u have a membership or a voucher then its great as the amount will get reduced. 

So which is your fav "brow grooming" go to kit?????


Rentu said...

i have a similar scar in the eyebrow

RASHMI said...

u know dear , yest i got a good review abt this from a MUA and i was like ?? oh i havent seen the product ... but thanks to you for posting it , i am surely going to buy this :)

anamika said...

u can even try MAC EYEBROW PENCIL in brown that is of 800 and works pretty smooth ..this one is cool too..

and u and rentu have same scar. i hope u both r not lost sister because rentu is mine :D

indianmakeupways said...

@to rentu & anamika:- back off anamika we r the "scar sisters". :D
@rashmi:-i really like it. it just makes the whole filling in process so simple

Rakhshanda said...

Hey looks great...must try it out.

bhumika said...

hey this looks good..fills properly...

indianmakeupways said...

@rakhshanda & bhumika:- this sure is a good product :)


hi anju this 1 is lookin quite natural..

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

definitely a great tool for brow grooming...i can't see the scar.


beautydiva said...

i too love this product... its awesome :)

indianmakeupways said...

@butterfly,cheryl@beauty diva:-it really works great on me

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