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Some say oily skin is a blessing as it slows down the ageing process......but moi..........doesn't think so at all!!!!!!!! You have to have super oily skin that doesn't behave at all to understand my woe.Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising has become a daily routine for me and i try my level best to keep my oilies at bay.

Due to the extra oily skin that i have toning is a must for me and toners.......hell ya......i go through those bottles like crazy. Today i will be reviewing Body shop "TEA TREE TONER". Everyone knows that tea tree oil has amazing benefits for oily skin and i have in the past tried their tea tree face wash(did not do anything great for me)....but the product junkie that i am....the next time i visited the shop i got my hands on that fat bottle of toner

Its touted as a skin clearing toner and is for oily and blemish prone skin. I don't have many blemishes.....but i do have the oilies.....

A very pungent (tea tree oil smell) smell comes out of it when i dispense it out to a cotton pad. It stings a bit when i apply it on to my face but its not unbearable. It takes out any remaining dirt present on ur face and you can actually see it on the cotton pad. Don't forget to shake the bottle before use 'coz it has a tendency to form sediments at the bottom. C the pic below. Look at the marked area


Doesn't dry my skin out excessively

Big bottle....will last for a long time

I have not had any reaction to it


Hate the smell

Well.......it didn't live up to my expectation of keeping the oilies at bay

Not mattifying enough

overall ......i will just use up the existing bottle but am not going to repurchase it

Have u tried this toner???? love stuff with tea tree in it???????. do comment


Rakhshanda said...

hey I have normal skin..so its not for me...but it has worked for you..its good...good for oily skin...

Rentu said...

hey try the vlcc punarva astringent, works great... i have an equal oily skin like yours

anamika said...

Hey dear!!!

I too have combination oily skin and some how acne and i keep suffering from acne every now and then.i have tried body shop aloe vera toner.. i found it pretty ok as it has no alcohol content and it doesnt have any smell too.

indianmakeupways said...

@ rentu:-hey thanks rentu...will give it a shot but does it dry skin excessively?

@anamika:-it sounds tempting... but i wanna finish this off before i venture onto another body shop stuff

@rakhshanda:- hey u r lucky to have normal skin!!!wish i were u :(

Mehak said...

I have heard so much about tea tre oil but somehow no cleanser with that ingredient has really worked for me !

indianmakeupways said...

@mehak:- I truly agree. but i always get sucked in 'coz lotsa articles propogate how good tea tree oil is for oily skin and the company being body shop...i thought it would work....but nopeeeeeeee:( still searching

Rentu said...

hi, no yaa, the astringent has worked well for me, it doenst dry me out, i have written a review for it, check out for additional info

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