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I recently bought some zoya polishes and I really love them! Lemme give you a look of "Purity", zoya white nailpolish. What a great name for a white polish.

 The consistency of the polish is really nice. It goes on smooth. The brush is also really great. This particular shade went on really well and I could achieve opacity with just 2 coats. Its not that shiny but in this pic it is as I have put seche vite top coat on top. Sadly the seche vite bubbled up a bit and I have small bubbles in the manicure and that is the only negative that I can find. I think I have to wait for the polish to semi dry before I put the top coat on. But, I have never faced such an issue with other polishes.

The cost is 385 Rs and I bought this from flipkart.com

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