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 I rediscovered this product around 3 weeks back and once again I am loving this. This was a huge rage around 3 years back & I am sure its still a rage but Macadamia has also come up with an oil to give the Moroccan oil some competition :).

 I love the amber colored glass bottle which I think is made that way so that the oil is protected from light. If you look closely you can see that I have already used up half of the oil. But I didn't finish all that up just now. I used up a huge share of the oil the first time I got it.

 As its made of glass I wouldn't say that it is travel friendly. :(

Directions for use:-

 I really did get all those results around 2 years back when I used it, then it slowly stopped giving me the "excellent" results. It then started behaving like a common oil and really weighed my hair down and it was awful.

 The color of the oil is yellow and is quite thick. Make sure that you put most of it on to the mid lengths & ends of your hair. If you have any left then use it on your head avoiding the roots otherwise it will weigh your hair down. It is best suited for hair that lacks moisture or hair that has undergone any sort of chemical treatment. It cuts down the frizzies & flyaways on your hair & makes it shiny and bouncy. A large bottle will last a very long time.

If your hair is on the normal side then I don't think it is needed that much. The same thing happened to my hair, once my hair started behaving normally this oil just became another oil and that is how I stopped using it. I again took this out as I figured my hair could use some extra moisture.

Overall I do like it, but the next time if I buy this I will opt for a small bottle as I will only be using it for a limited period of time, that is till my hair regains its normalcy.

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Emm said...

So, I can live without it if my hair is not on the drier side?

indianmakeupways said...

@emm:-yup u very well can. i think they have now come up with another oil for "fine" hair. The one that I have reviewed in here is all for all hair types

Swati Murti said...

oh!!! even my hair is fine and does get weighed down very easily!!!

Tanveer Parmar said...

Sounds nice.. what exactly is morroccan oil? I mean what exactly does it contain? :)

indian beauty central said...

I love the exotic name! though i have fine hair and almost any oil gets it limp & weighed down :( but I'm so tempted to try this out ;)

Mom Fashion World said...

I've heard this a good product but
I haven't made a purchase yet.

Come visit my blog, let me know how you like my blog and if you like it, can we follow each other on GFC?


indianmakeupways said...

@tanveer:-This oil is so popular so I just assumed that everyone knew.I had already explained this in my moroccan oil hair mask post thats y I didn't bother to explain it in this post.This product contains "argan oil" which comes from the argan tree in morocco and is specially found only in those parts of the world. Its basically argan oil tanveer :)

Ananya said...

I love you so much :D I have been waiting for someone to do a moroccan oil review for so long!!! though its kinda pricey for my college pocket money.. but hopefully I will save some and get hold of it :D but none of the Indian online shops sell it.. sigh..

P.S : added you in goodreads. was really happy to find a fellow blogger and book lover :)

indianmakeupways said...

@ananya:-plz buy the smallest bottle available just to try and c whether it suits your hair or not as its a costly product, 'coz if it doesn't you won't feel guilty abt spending that money. Thanks so much for adding me on goodreads dear. I appreciate it :)

Ananya said...

really there is a smaller bottle available too? :O I wasn't aware of that.. thank you so much for the suggestion!! :-)

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