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 Britney Spear's is one of the few celebrities that have come up with perfumes that were really successful. I have always wanted the "Fantasy" perfume but finally got my hands on the "Midnight Fantasy".

 Look at the magnificent blue bottle. Doesn't it look like one of disney's bottles containing some magic potion????? I give an absolute 10/10 for the bottle designing. Its this deep blue bottle that looks absolutely freaking stunning on your vanity.

 It has these gorgeous rhinestones on it that simply looks amazing!

 I love the beautiful detailing that it has on top.

 The Notes of this perfume

Top Notes:- Black cherry, Framboise, Plum
Middle Note:- Night blooming orchid, Iris, Freesia
Base Notes:-Amber, Musk, Vanilla

This bottle contains 50 ml of juice.This is her fourth fragrance & I personally feel that it is targeted towards a younger audience. This is a top seller amongst her perfumes eventhough some people totally hate it( am not one among them :D )

 I think they have it in 2 sizes 50 & 100 ml bottles.

It is a really sweet- syrupy smell.....almost candyish to me. I can see younger ladies wearing it and also school girls too. But, I do can see a grown woman wearing it coz I wear it all the time :)

Application:- It just needs a spray on the chest area and on both my wrists. Don't wear too much as it can get a bit cloying if you do that.

Smell at first:- It is very sweet smelling, very girly at first and just dies down to a very nice vanilla smell(in my opinion)

Longevity:- It lasts for 5-6 hrs max and after that it just dies down a little bit

Fetching Compliments:- Yes! mainly from the younger audience. I have had girls ask me what I am wearing.

When to wear it:- If I go for shopping or a day out with my girl friends. Its not a smell that I would personally wear on a night out with my hubby....its not that sophisticated enough

Is it a gift material:- Yup! if you have nieces or friends between the age of 12-20 its a great gift for 'em.

Why would you hate this:- Too sweet & a bit cloying at times

Personally this is definitely one of my favs but this is NOT something that I would say as a signature scent.

So, that is my short review on the Midnight Fantasy & I hope you guys liked it. Do you own this perfume and if you do....what's your thoughts on it?

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Rakhshanda said...

Woww the packaging is soo beautiful & classic <3 Great review Anju!!!!

Miss Iffa said...

I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I've been scrolling through a few posts and I'm convinced your blog is the epitome of perfection! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! I love this perfume, my friend has it and when she's not looking I always spray lots on! Haha!
I am your newest, most avid follower!


Cathy said...

Definitely has one of the prettier perfume bottles! (:

Check out my blog? (:

Vintage Makeup said...

The bottle is so pretty!

indianmakeupways said...

@raks-Yup the bottle is really pretty.
@miss iffa:- thanks so much for your kind words, am happy that u liked my blog :)
@cathy:-yup its pretty
@vm:-yes it is :)

Neeraj Navare said...

It smells very sweet and syrupy but I like it! It sells quite a lot in Mumbai....btw how r u doing? how are ur studies?
Not visited ur blog since sometime..btw were u on some kinda sabatical?
I have left Clinique btw,....

indianmakeupways said...

@Neeraj:-I am doing fine and studies are going ok too. YUp I took a break from blogging for some time. OH? so where are u working right now.....I hope at some new hi-fi beauty dept store so that I can get some samples out of u :D

Swarnali said...

I didn't actually know what Freesia was or how it smelled before I used the shampoo from VO5 called Free Me Freesia and its smelled amazing :D
Am not really fond of the Plum and cherry. I find it very nauseating. So i guess I should steer away from this one. Thanks for the wonderful review :D

indianmakeupways said...

@swarnali:-its a really sweet smell not for everyone

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