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 I have been using the Jergens Ultra Healing moisturiser for the past 3 years atleast and I wonder why I never thought of reviewing this product before! I always go through one bottle in just 2-3 months and so, this time, I bought the extra large bottle that comes with a pump which is sure going to last me for a long long time!

 I have used the Jergens original moisturiser and it worked OK but after I found this one I have never stopped buying this. I have extra dry skin on my legs and my arms which needs some "extra" TLC all year and this just serves the purpose.

 Sorry about the blurred pic (above), but I hope its still readable.

It does heal the skin true to its name within a week of its use
It locks down the moisture for a whole day or until you wash it off
Has a pleasant smell and its great for ladies with extra dry skin
Leaves the skin smooth ad supple
Great during winter too
The lotion is not too thick or liquidy
It gets absorbed completely into the skin without leaving the skin a  greasy mess
For the 621 ml bottle I paid 459 Rs/-

Try not to sweat while applying the lotion as this might lead to a greasy mess
Sometimes it takes a little while to get completely absorbed into the skin, so make sure you give yourself some time before putting on clothes
Eventhough its marketed all over India, its a bit  hard to find the "ultra healing" version of the moisturiser

Repurchase:-I will be purchasing this for the rest of my life as this is the only moisturiser that works wonders on my skin

 Recommend:-Yup! Its a great product and I sure hope ladies with extra dry skin gives this a try. I am sure you won't be disappointed


crazypoplock said...

Good to know that this brand is good. Never used any of their moisturizers. My Vaseline Cocoa Body Lotion with the pump one finished last night so I gotta restock on that.

But i'll check this out too.

beautydiva said...

Nice review, gotta check this out. Thanks :)

Aarthi said...

Wow.. thanks for the review Anju.. Winters made my skin soo bad and now I'll go hunting for this :)

Nivedita said...

Wow. I heard so much about Jergens, but never tried them myself. This sounds perfect for me in winter because I have super dry skin.

Btw, How are you?

indianmakeupways said...

@Cp:-do try it. Am sure u wont be disappointed
@bd:-its an amazing product. do try
@aarthi:-its simply fab, try to get this product
@nivedita:-yes, jergens has some amazing moisturisers. It will be great for superdry skin. I am doing good yaar, life is going well, hope u r ok too :)

indian beauty central said...

Ammu- I love Jergens body lotions, so glad you reviewed it! For years I was hopelessly in love with these & tried almost every variant there it.. finally I've decided to venture into other brands, but this is a trusty little friend

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i like jergens and i use it every now and then but i have to stick with eucerin...it is the best for me.

indianmakeupways said...

@IBC:-I know their mositurisers are amazing. Am not prepared to venture into others yet....maybe when I finish this bottle

@muse:-I have never tried eucerin. would love to try it out :)

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