My Sigma brushes And a comparison with MAC

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I have been waiting sooooo long for this to arrive and it arrived a week back. Before showing you guys I wanted to give it a test whirl and see whether it is worth all the hype or not?

I got myself the Sigma foundation brush -Flat top synthetic Kabuki and Sigma e/s blending brush equivalent to MAC 224 brush.

When I first held the foundation brush and felt the bristles....it was soooooooo soft and dense. But then that got me worried...is it too dense? Will it live up to all thye hype that its been getting? I have been using MAC 187 & 188 for sometime to apply my foundation and I am pretty much happy with both. But when I saw this Sigma brush...my hands were itching to have it.

At first when I applied my foundation with it....I felt that my face is DEVOID of any foundation...it was as though the brush sucked all of it up and I was disappointed and took more of my foundation to work on my face...but as it turns out I was WRONG!. Actually the dense bristles give an illusion of the product getting sucked into the brush and not getting applied on to the face. But it was giving me the proper "Air Brushed" look that we all want and crave. My last 2 fotd's are perfect examples! My face is having that natural look. It is not over done at all. I still use MAC 188 to do the smaller areas like underneath my eyes and nose....but otherwise the sigma one is god send!

My verdict:-LOVE IT!

Now coming to the e/s blending brushes:- The sigma one is slightly larger with fanned out bristles than the MAC one and it covers both the crease and the area till my brow bone. But as far as the MAC 224 goes I can use it perfectly on the crease and slightly above that never going beyond as such.MAC one has slightly denser bristles packed together making it perfect for crease area. I can't say that Sigma brush can replace MAC but it sure can blend out further after one has used the MAC 224 brush. When both are used it gives the perfect blending with absolutely no harsh lines.

My verdict:-Get both. Love 'em

Cost:-I paid 1600(including shipping for both the brushes).Not a bad bargain at all.

So what about you all? whats ur foundation brush? and happy with ur /es blending brushes?


G.G.G said...

Quite impressed with the Sigma brush quality..esp after seeing your pics..Good buy Anju

anamika said...

1600 for two brushes is simply awesone..i have mac foundation brush and i can not do my make up with out it at all :)

indianmakeupways said...

@GGG & Anamika:- ya its a good buy as far as I am concerned. I still love my mac but I think this gives a far better natural look

Mehak said...

Im so tempted by sigma....i really need good brushes. I work with very very bad qualiy ones- worse than vega even :(

Cynthia Z said...

Interesting comparisons there. I love the Sigma flat top kabuki & 224 too. Can't live without them!


Princess Feef said...

i love sigma brushes <3
cant wait to get the premium kit !
as for foundation i am old school a bit ,,
i love the 190 ,, but i use a buffer brush from sephora made of natural hair its the #43 flat top kabuki brush ,,, its love =)

indianmakeupways said...

@mehak:-am in love with both sigma & mac...good brushes make a hugeeeeee difference.

@cynthia:-hey now me tooooooo. even i love 'em both and cant believe how i lived without 'em.

@Princess:-hey I dont know about the sephora one.....is it the same like sigma flat top? its good to give this one a shot. am in love :)

The Beautifier said...

Have you tried the ELF flat top brush? Its a very nice and cheaper dupe for Sigma flat top brush, I love it, it does not sheds at all & gives me a flawless finish evertime!xoxo

indianmakeupways said...

@sonali:-nooo. in here we do get elf...but not tat many varieties as far as brushes are concerned. maybe i will check the flat top one specifically next time. thanks for the info

Tanveer Parmar said...

I use body shop brushes and quite like them. Not sure how they compare to MAC or Sigma as I have never used these tho.

indianmakeupways said...

hey even I have body shop brushes...they are good quality.

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