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First of all...I had never heard about this brand and I don't think its available in Mumbai. I bought these lovely Nail polishes(n/p) from delhi, saket mall. They have a small counter there and mind you not a shop as such and I was intrigued by the bright colored nail polishes on display. I asked the MUA about them and she was really happy to put some swatches on my nails and I ended up with rainbowcolored nails and check them out HERE.

I am really happy with all the colors that I got and I have to say they are top notch in quality.They are priced at 250/- each.

Amazing colors
Reasonable price and you get a pretty decent amount of product
It dries real fast
It does not chip fast. I should know 'coz after the MUA put 'em on my nails I didn't bother takin 'em out and was wearing it for 2 weeks straight and it only started to chip after a week or so! for me tats quite impressive 'coz I wash my hands like crazy all the time ....so am super impressed.
Does not have the "cheap n/p smell". That is a big relief for me.

-They only had limited shades at the counter(hey if u like bright bold colors check this brand out).
-I don't think its easily available everywhere.(Plz let me know if its available in mumbai.)
-Don't have any names only numbers on 'em.





so what do u guys think?????? A good buy or what????


Rakhshanda said...

Hey never used products of this brand...But the colors look adorable!!

anamika said...

ohh Amibika Pillai is in brands also..i love her make up and these colours are super cool..

u r increasing my shopping list like anything.


hi anju loved the pink n the blue..nva heard of the brand and so 250 is too much i guess..

Cynthia Z said...

Great buy! I like the name Hard Candy. I doubt Ambika Pillai's makeup line is in Mumbai atm, but not sure


indianmakeupways said...

@rakhshanda:-ya the n/p's are super adorable. am lovin em now
@anamika:-hee hee wat are friends for? u can check em out coz u r in delhi now rt?
@butterfly:-ya i do agree its a bit steep to the pocket but the amount of product that u get is also tat much and i am lovin the quality
@cynthia:-ya am really adoring these and u r lucky coz u r in Delhi!

Soft, Sweet and Gentle said...

I once got my hair curled from her salon in delhi way back in 2005...and recently i saw these nail paints on fashion and you site..i don't remember the price..they do have nice colours though...

Appu said...

Niiice....I like the pink and the grey...but I never knew Ambika Pillai's Nail polishes were 250...Another 150 more and you could get OPI right??? ;)

indianmakeupways said...

@ssg:-hi, welcome to my blog. i have never been to her salon. the price for the polishes are 250/- per piece and yup they have great colors :)
@appu:-yup u r quite rt. but I have used OPI too but I think these n/p's are around the same quality as OPI and to be honest I cant choose b/w these two.both are awesome:)

bhumika said...

nice colors...i like d way ambika pillai does makeup excpt sum daring ones on d ramp !!

Rentu said...

i love ambika pilla's makeup most of the time, the dramatic eyemakeup which she does for the models are out of the world...i think it has outlets in mumbai, will check out and let you know

crazypoplock said...

Oh wow nice polish haul! I like the pink color. I saw this brand in CITY WALK saket last week. I like her work but never bothered to buy her stuff. Now I really am going to check it out ^_^

anamika said...

yup me in Delhi and enjoying loads of pampering:)

indianmakeupways said...

@bhumika:-yupi agree with u!
@rentu:-hey yaar tats so sweet of u. plz do let me know coz i love these n/p's
@cp:-hey do check em out. wont be disappointed.
@anamika:-ya am sure u are! am looking fwd to going back to my hometown in the middle of next month!

anamika said...

hey girl!!!!

r u keeping fast and gainign some brownie points :D:D

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