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I have been using this product for quite some time and I have to say am pretty happy with the results and thought of writing a review . I came upon this accidentally when I visited Palladium kerastase salon and my sis wanted to get a hair cut. The lady was really nice and told her that she needs to grow her hair out before she does anything further to it(my sis had straightened her hair and now her hair has those ugly kinks that she hates sooooooo much). She didn't try to push any products on us but rather was giving us some much needed hair care advice(which i liked 'coz its really hard to find ppl like that nowadays). By the way her name is Monica and if by any chance you visit the place just ask for her ...she is tooooooo sweet. So, we asked her as to what products she can suggest for both of us from their range then she suggested me the oleo curl range. I don't have super curly hair and my hair type is slightly wavy -straight(just to set the record straight as far as my hair type is concerned).

So having bought this..(lemme tell ya that this stuff aint cheap at all.don't remember the exact price but it was more than 1000/-)I was skeptical as to whether it would work or not. So on the very first day itself I put this to the acid test!!!

It is a "CURL DEFINITION CREAM" (leave in)and its for thick curly hair. Mind you, I don't have "thick" or "super curly" hair for that matter.Mine is actually manageable curls.

Directions for use:-
On towel dried hair apply a pea sized amount(thats all I need for my waist length hair) and scrunch if you want. Not to aplied near roots and its a leave in cream.

What I like:-

I like the fact that its a cream and not serum as serums tend to be a tad too oily for my hair so
I prefer to stick with creams.

It has a slight fruity-flowery smell that is not over powering at all

A small amount goes a long way and the tube is huge

It is cost effective(one needs only a small amount & it will last for a long,long,long time)

Does give me really good defined curls without much work.

And i basically love ringlets around my face :)

Makes hair shiny & smooth

Product build up is not much(well.....i do use shampoos meant to clear out buildup)

What I don't like:-

Doesn't control frizzes much, have to use another product for that

That is the only gripe I have with this product and otherwise am happy with it

Will I repurchase? DEFINITELY!!!! that is, if i EVER run out of the huge tube.

My verdict:- As its an expensive product, do get a consultation from the kerastase salon and use it....they do tell as to which product is good for your hair type and their products deliver!


Rakhshanda said...

hmmm..sounds great...you are right it's good that it's a cream not serum.

anamika said...

never seen such a thick serum...

sorry to reply late ..i was busy in the morning ..have a great day ahead:)

Tanveer Parmar said...

Very interesting.. I am glad this is working so well for you. I have hair that is mostly straight & silky, it tends to get frizzy though if I don't oil it on a weekly basis. I will chk it out for prdts meant for my hair type :)

Beauty Addict said...

That's a great post!
Kerastase shampoos and conditioners never done too much for me. They were good products, but I never felt they would do much better than other products I've tried for half of the price... anyways, this one sounds good!

Confessions of a Beautyholic

Mehak said...

I love kerastese, the oleo curl range is amaing- but i have natrally curly hair so dont need em. I use the one to control frizz...love that...

indianmakeupways said...

@everyone:- i really do like the product I got as its mainly a curl defining cream. But I wouldnt reccomend anyone to simply go and buy this stuff off the shelf as its costly. go for a consultation at the salon first and then get the products :)

Sonia said...

Hey I just gave you a blog award check it here

RASHMI said...

thats pretty my type of stuff i will def try this next , wish i had read it yest i was there :(
but thanks sweetie for the review :)

indianmakeupways said...

@rashmi:- hey it is perfect for ur hair. but doesnt control frizz. plz get a consultation...they offer really good advice :)

G.G.G said...

I love Kerastase products..They work wonders for my hair always. Sadly I need to go too far to get their stuff in Blr :-(

indianmakeupways said...

@GGG:-hey the best of things dont come so easily! when u get time go to the salon and then get their advice before buying 'coz as I have stated in my post it works best when u buy products according to the advice they give. they will be looking at all aspects of our hair and giving an opinion

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