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Just like all the other oily skinned gals I have heard too much and so much about this particular product from clinique and I thought....why not give it a try? If its a hit, then I wouldn't have to bother with any other product again as i will be hitting a jackpot with their, facewash, toner and moisturiser!

Lets begin with the face wash.Its called the Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula (combination to oily to oily):- There are versions that suit for all types of skin, normal, dry or oily and i took the oily one. The face wash comes in a bottle(200 ml) with a pump and its easy to dispense the right amount of product. Foams up real well. Its very mild(eventhough its for oily skin) and doesn't strip your skin of its existing moisture. The skin does feel clean after that. It feels really soft and feels as though you have put some moisturiser on...no kidding!

Toner/Clarifying Lotion:- There are specific ones named 1,2,3 for different types of skin and I purchased no:2. It acts like an exfoliator and clarifies your face. If you ask me its just a fancy name for a really harsh toner. I just hate the "alcohol" smell that comes out of it....it even makes the application of the thing dispensed on to the cotton pad near to impossible. I truly felt like gagging with that smell! I even feel that this one really does speed up the oil production after i use it...'coz it gives that squeaky clean feeling which soon turns into an oily nightmare! So thumbs down from me as far as this product is concerned

Moisturising Lotion/Gel:- I bought the gel version as its the one meant for oily skin(Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel).Mine comes with a pump and a small pump is all you need for your entire face and the product that i loveeeeee the most is also this. This is one moisturiser that gives the optimum amount of hydration to my skin. It keeps my oilies at bay for hours on end and it acts as a good primer for makeup too.

One can buy all these products together or alone. I wanted to try the "3-step system" so I bought all of it in one go. Supposed to use it twice a day and the company claims that a difference can be felt almost immediately! Well, I am not completely convinced! as the only product that I would keep on repurchasing would be the moisturiser alone and nothing else. Personally I feel that the face wash can be replaced with another mild face wash suitable for oily skin and the toner...never again!!!!

My verdict:- All oily skinned people suffering can try the gel and it also comes with a tag for the "skin type". So please buy accordingly and you will not regret it.

All the items together cost a lot...S if you purchase everything together it will come close to 2000-2500. But one can always purchase one product at a time and if u do buy anything from this "system" go for the moisturiser!

Check them out here

PS:-For everyone from kerala you can buy these products from kochi "Goodwill" showroom. They have a separate section for cosmetics and skincare products now. You can find quite a number of items for eg: BodyShop,Vichy etc...Anyone interested? Then do check it out :)


anamika said...

YES I so want to try their moisturiser..but too costly yaar.

indianmakeupways said...

hey even if its costly...it just lasts for ages...i have been using mine for 6 months now and not even a dent! soooooooo much left coz u need only a small amount...this is quite the very best moisturiser for oily skin(my personal opinion)

G.G.G said...


Nice review that was :-)

Btw, Goodwill has a separate section for TBS and Clinique n all?? good improvement yaar

Aarthi said...

I got this recently and I am loving it :)

indianmakeupways said...

@aarthi:- tats nice to know. i am kinda "eh" abt the face wash and toner but loving the moisturiser :)

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