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Are you obsessed with any body part? I know i am and that is my hair. Nothing is ever too much or too good for my hair. I go through shampoos and conditioners like a crazy person and i have so many stuff in my closet that it might burst open any time and I am not kidding.

Who doesn't like the soft, silky, smooth hair huh????? I know i do. So each time i go to a shop i remind myself not to go towards the "hair-care" section but some mysterious force always pulls me to the aisle and i end up spending all my cash and wonder after getting home.....did I really need this???? Oh well.......I loooooveeeeeee my hair......Nothing's too less and I slather away the evil concoctions on my hair.

Now coming back to the review......I am going to talk about a new shampoo and conditioner that i bought. "VITAMIN" shampoo and conditioner......Here goes.....

Really cute packaging right? I was on the look out for something that is sulfate and paraben free and stumbled upon this. This shampoo claims to have high potency vitamins,antioxidant rich noni berry (excuse moi....wat???),lemongrass and coconut milk to nourish and enrich the hair. It is hydrating and contains vitamins C,B,E,A(wonder why they couldn't put it as A,B,C,and E)and it is for all hair types.......ahmmmmmm that is quite a lot of claim.

The product has a flip top and one has to squeeze the product out. It smells absolutely divineeee. It doesn't lather that well....but hey no expectations of that sort coz it is sulfate free.

Directions for use:-Apply shampoo generously to the wet hair from root to tip, massage and rinse off. The same applies for conditioner except that it is not to be used on scalp.

The verdict:- well.....the shampoo did clean out my hair. but while i was rinsing it out I could feel my hair becoming more tangled up and a bit frizzzyyyyy???(hateeeeee frizzyyy hair). Didn't lose hope and i next slathered the conditioner on and waited for 2-3 minutes before washing it off. Hmmmm the conditioner was just so-so......creamy enough but didn't give me enough slippage. When my hair dried out....i could notice that it wasn't hydrating at all. The claim surely falls short.....Plus it made my hair a bit rough too (so much for my super luxurious,smooth hair dreamssss).

Will i buy it again? Never!!!!! A huge thumbs down from me. Tried it because of the sulfate free and hydrating claims....but the product didn't meet up with my expectations.

You all can give them a shot because of the heavenly smell.......Don't expect miracles.


anamika said...

Count me in for hair care products,mask and what not...packaging is soo cute but ofcouse all beautiful things are not meant to be effective too:P

Tanveer Parmar said...

It looks really cute.. like very posh dumb bells :D

glad u let us know about this prdt. Will avoid it now :)

indianmakeupways said...

@anamika:-ya this one sucks
@tanveer:-glad to be of assistance. avaoid it like the plague :d

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