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My sis and bro-in-law had come to see me all the way from pondicherry and were here for three days. It was nice to have them here coz it was onam on monday and for us malayalees its a big festival. Below are some pics of mumbai and some shopping expedition tat me and my sis did and it almost had our husbands deserting us coz they were gettin bored. Men! What else is new?

A glimpse of mumbai through our cab. It was drizzling outside and mumbai does look beautiful when it rains. We headed straight for crawford market but unfortunately the shop that we wanted to visit was closed on sunday ....so we hit the next stop mumbai central shopping mall!!!

A new cosmetic brand called "faces" has come out which has bath and body products,makeup...

after spending some cash at a plaze called "beauty secrets" inside the mall we headed out to grab some gelato cones and it sure was truly yummyyyyyyy

There was this stall set up in the mall offering Fish Pedicure!!! ofcourse me & my sis had to try that!! Its called Dr.Fish and they are fresh water fish used for treating skin diseases.

We were scared tat it might hurt but all we felt was tickle after tickle... and after the process our feet were indeed clean!

I had never tried the ICE-GOLA and next moved to that. Look at all those flavours i chose"anar" (pomegranate)

Look at that! It tasted really delishhhhhh toooo.

After doing some more shopping we were famished. So we ordered our biriyani and my mutton biriyani was extremely satisfying to my stomach.

After that we headed out to Lower Parel to explore the malls high street phoenix and palladium and did spend a lot of money there. hey who can resist such lovely clothes?????(pic above)

Me thinking where to attack next????? hee hee

There u see the inside of gateway of INDIA and now we are not allowed to enter inside

The Gateway Of INDIA in its full glory and grandeur

I dont know whether u can read properly what is written there. But i zoomed in as much as i could.

The Majestic Taj Hotel!!! The terror attack sure couldn't take away the beauty of the magnificent hotel which is a landmark in mumbai.

Do u see those black windows?????? Thats were all the big hi-fi parties are held.

We were soon thirsty after being in the sun for too long and headed out to have some cane-sugar juice in Jumbo glass. Can u see the above sign????? We got a discount!!!!!!!

Don't be fooled by this picture it sure was a hugeeeeeee glass.

This is the famous Regal Theatre(its not so big now). This theatre used to be featured in most of the movies a long time back. All the malayalees might remember........the mohanlal movies like "adhipan", "aryan" etc have featured this theatre.

Even when i was sightseeing couldn't walk past this "kaya skin clinic" poster without clicking a picture. Its their monsoon package.

We saw this cool gelato place on our way and had to stop and have our cones!!!!!

Take a look at all those flavours!!!!

Onam can never be complete without a traditional "onam sadya"(lunch) that is served on a plantain leaf. We knew a kerala hotel and we had the most cool sadya ever!!!

After having that heavy lunch no one could budge so we went and slept for a while and got out in the nite for some more sight seeing and shopping. Above you can see the "fashion-street"

Look at all those shoes!!!!!!!!!

My hubby(left) and bro-inlaw(rt) at the marine drive........

Then we headed to a bakery called "theobroma" to try all the "sweet" stuff

Oh look its even "burrp" certified. The plaze is very small and cozy but they have these amazing desserts!!!!!! Anyone staying in colaba????????do check this plaze out!!! U won't regret it.

Now my hubby is getting hyper and pointing to his watch that we have to grab our dinner.

Before grabbing the dinner my sis had to get some sweets for her friends back at pondicherry and look at all those cute sweets!!!!

After that we went to a nearby restaurant had our dinner and called it a day!

Hope u liked my version of "mumbai darshan" thru pics

I had a gala time with my family. I hope all the malayalees had a wonderful onam like me and the rest of u had a beautiful rakshabandhan.

Do gimme ur lovely comments.......take careeeeee


Tanveer Parmar said...

Looks like a day well spent! Lovely :).. Btw, just 2 queries.

1. where is this mumbai central shopping mall with beauty plaza exactly. I saw they have a khadi one on one free

2. Where can we get this fish pedicure? A friend of mines wanted to go for the same, but I don't know where it is offered in the suburbs.

Thks :)

Mehak said...

You made me miss bombay like crazy. I was there the whole of last yr and that city just works its magic on anyone who stays there long enough..hmmm iv been seeing a lot of 'faces' from canada too..

indianmakeupways said...

@tanveer:- its called city centre. its at mumbai central on the way to nagpada. The beauty shop's name is "beauty secrets" and its situated rt inside the mall on the ground floor. the fish pedicure is also in the same mall, ground floor and its a small station. hope that helps.

@mehak:- i know! i had so much of fun and am sure to miss mumbai when i go back!

indianmakeupways said...

@tanveer:-just now found out the full name of the mall is "orchid city centre mall",mumbai central

anamika said...

hey...u had an awesome time and now i know why u were so down today...

i want that fish pedicure:(

i want the juice too:(

and your husband is perfect navy person..better maintain your figure he looks too fit:)

indianmakeupways said...

@anamika:- i knowwwww :( i am sitting at home eating and studying and i hav actually become plump!!! :O now i have started going for walks. hope it all comes off soon.

Poohkie said...

really nice post! seems like you had a great day :). This makes me want to visit mumbai again! It's been AGES.

indianmakeupways said...

oh plz do visit mumbai. its "the best" plaze to chill out and hav fun. but one thing is there when i was in south i used to loooooveeeee my chennai visits and would hang out at spencer plaza all day!

The Beautifier said...

Loved this post! That fish pedicure sounds so cool, wanna have to give it a try for sure! xoxo

indianmakeupways said...

hi....i hav always read ur blog.thanks for becoming a follower. I love ur trendy fashion sense and the uber cool makeup. keep the good ones coming. once again thanks for stopping by....

Rentu said...

hey which kerala restaurant are you talking of, let me know the place, i would definetly make it next time

indianmakeupways said...

its a very small restuarant and make sure u go upstairs and sit in the a/c otherwise u won't like the ambience.Its near to flora fountain.there is a city bank nearby and ask "Deluxe Hotel". There is also another one next to it called "taste of kerala"

Margaret said...

looks like such a great time :)
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

Poohkie said...

lol ya spencers plaza is normally stuffed to overflowing with people!

indianmakeupways said...

its true...i dont like spending money there coz its so "high end" but i love wasting my time away in there

test said...

Oh I miss mumbai...whenever I see its all time lovely

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