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I have always heard about the term but i have never tried it out myself. For those who don't know what "frankening" means....its to mix your pigments to create a new nailpolish color!!!(or even 2 separate nail polish colors together). How cool is that?So yesterday when i was playing around with my "faces"(the canadian brand) stack of pigments i thought....why not????

This one is really finely milled and they do come in amazing colors.I have already done a look with it and will be posting it soon. By the way i am starting to loooooooooveeeeeeee these pigments. They have amazing quality,really pigmented and they show up real well on the eyes. I will review the pigments too real soon. Plus they are affordable as they come in stacks....so worth a shot for those who like pigments.

Now coming back to the post. Things you will need. Your fav pigment(color), a small plastic cap,15-20 drops of clear nail polish,a tooth pick and thats it. Lets start!

Can you see those little shimmery particles????

I chose this clear polish as it is real cheap.

Take a small plastic cap. Put a bit of those pigments and pour 15-20 drops
of clear nail polish and stir it with a tooth pick till you get the above consistency.
Now apply your new "new franken polish"(term used to describe nail polishes
that has been custom made) & ENJOY!

Doesn't that look great? I put another coat of clear nail polish
on top to get a glossy look

The great thing about this method is the fact you can create any color
polish you want and can also make those colors tat you find difficult
to get from the market. The downside is that you have to have the
pigments with you.The faces pigments if you buy them as a stack
then i think its a good deal! good quality, cheaper than mac &
they have some amazing colors!

So, ready to take out your fav pigments and start frankening?

C ya......


anamika said...

Wow...u added the right dash of color for the pigment..i love being creative Anju..

By the way..is that your carpet on which you placed your hand?I had similar one previously..:)

indianmakeupways said...

hmmmmmmm no yaar.its actually a bigggg towel that i use to cover my books and protect them from dust. the plaze i live is sooooo dusty! and watever i do...it doesn't go away even in the monsoon season! :(

Rakhshanda said...

ohh good...you are so creative..I love your blog..I got very useful tips for beauty and makeup here..thanks

Tanveer Parmar said...

Wow, this is interesting! I have never done this before.. Looks very nice :)

indianmakeupways said...

@rakhshanda:- thanks for ur amazing comment. i am too happy to share watever limited "beauty" stuff i know :)

@tanveer:- hey take out ur fav pigments and start rockin those nails!!!

Poohkie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! It looks absolutely amazing! And the colour is so unique. I'm sure it'll suit Indian skin tones:)

Anonymous said...

I think this can only be done with powder eyeshadows but not the other ones???

Desi and the City said...

Good tip!

The Beautifier said...

ohh that was a great tut! Loved it! thanks for sharing, hunny! xoxo

indianmakeupways said...

@poohkie:- even i thought the same....tats y i chose this greenish-gold color.

@anonymous:-I don't know about the "cream" eyeshadows but other shadows u can scarape it out and mix with ur clear polish and can make ur own new custom color :)

@desi & the city:-thanks for dropping by.

@beautifier:-thank u. great to know tat u liked it.

Priya said...

Absolutely gorgeous color... N fantastic tip :)

indianmakeupways said...

@priya:-welcome to my blog and glad tat u found the tip useful!

G.G.G said...

That was a new trick..Well I do have a similar shade from Maybelline like this..hehe

But this would put the Faces pigments to good use no even if I buy em..cool

indianmakeupways said...

@ggg:- try it with any pigment u ave. it will work beautifully

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