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As a rule, I don't use foundations....but me being a makeup loving junkie i have to have some foundation with me. Who knows as to when u might need it????? I have used a lot of foundations like mac,maybelline,revlon,mufe etc etc and the one i am going to review today is REVLON COLORSTAY MINERAL MOUSSE FOUNDATION.

I got this couple of months back prior to my wedding. I was on the hunt for the "perfect" foundation as mac foundations tend to make me too oily and break me out at times. Revlon colorstay foundation with softflex in "tan" or "toast" was just fine but i needed something light that wouldn't make me feel all cakey and would allow my skin to breathe. Then one day i passed by the revlon counter, saw this and the SA demonstrated this to me and i kind of liked it. So i bought the shade " medium deep" and went home. Once i applied it i could feel that my skin was liking it but this wasn't the color that i wanted as it did not complement my yellow undertones. So i went back and got the "deeper" shade. Eventhough it looked a bit too dark for me i was kind of sure that it would complement my undertone and i was right! Now coming back to the review...


-Soft whipped cream like consistency(obviously...its a mousse).
-Needs only a small amount.
-Great for day time use.
-I don't have many blemishes on my skin so it went great for me
and my sister who has some spots said that it covers it up to
some extent without using concealer.
-Doesn't feel heavy on the face.
-Easy to blend. I first use my mac fix + on the stippling brush and then apply
this. goes on like a dream.
-Did not break me out at all.
-If you use a small amount it will give you the "no-foundation" look.
-Has SPF-20 in it which is an added bonus.
-It is mineral makeup so usually no need to set with the powder.
-Great for my oily skin as it doesn't make it too oily.
-Can build up the coverage
-Great for those who don't like the "over" made up "foundation" face.

-The price. It is 1100 for a 30 ml tube. But a little goes a long way. One can buy
a mac foundation if you can shell out an extra 500.
-Some people say that the formula separates over time and the whole thing
becomes watery-creamy texture. I have had mine for past 4 months and it is still intact
-Not good for photography as it contains spf.

After blending....

Will i purchase again? YUP! am in love with this thing as its so light and fits
my skin needs perfectly!

So what do you guys think? Has anyone used it? What's your take?
Leave your comments......


anamika said...

Shit i got to buy this one too now:)

Good morning:)

indianmakeupways said...

hey goodmorn to u too. i have only good things to say abt this. but plz make sure u get the right shade!

anamika said...

yaa that is the biggest thing in foundation ..:)

Sonia said...

Ive been contemplating revlon for a long time and had my eyes fixed on color stay but was skeptical.Does it really suit oily skin and last in humid weather?
BTW you have a nice blog.

indianmakeupways said...

I have extremely oily skin and this foundation doesn't make my skin extra oily. yes it does produce some shine after 4-5hrs but it sure is manageable with some powder or blotting powder. by the way thanks for stopping by my blog. just now checked out your blog. real nice. take care.

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