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The brand that we indians are soooooooo familiar with. I still remember the very first kajal that i used, it was from lakme and it belonged to my mom. For us indians the brand is so synonymous with beauty that we tend to forget that other brands are out there. There was a time when i got fed up with the "lack lusture" products that Lakme was churning out and i turned to other brands like Revlon,L'oreal and Maybelline. But i always had a soft spot for lakme. Maybe it was the pricing(they are pretty pocket friendly!) or the availability that always drew me back to them. I nowadays check out the Lakme brands after they started dusting up their old products and marketing new ones. When i went to style plus this time (a shop near my house) i happened to check out some of their latest products and i have to say am pretty much impressed. I am talking about their new line called bridal sutra. Its really amazing with all those rich and vibrant colors that really go well with the indian skin. Do take a sneak peak at their site http://www.lakmeindia.com/. First of all am going to talk about their "Glide on eye color". They are amazing.

  1. really good shades

  2. reallyyyyyy creamy

  3. some of them have glitters in 'em

  4. they dont tug at your skin

  5. can be a bit pricey as it is in the range of 200-250 rs per piece.

The colors that i love the most are peacock green, iridiscent blue and henna gold. I bought only two glide ons from the "bridal sutra collection" and they are henna gold and bridal pink. The latter one too is an amazing color but i don't use it that often but i do love pink and so i bought it. Henna gold has small glitter particles in 'em and its soooooooo pretty.

Frome left to right the colors are peacock green,henna gold,iridiscent blue,bridal pink and bronze"

by the way am planning to buy smokey green too. thats also a beautiful color.

i have swatches of 'em too

from left to right bridal pink, bronze(in my camera its showing up as brown...sorry), iridiscent blue,henna gold and peacock green

Now am going to talk about the new line eyeliner. They come in awesome colors. i have only one of 'em and its called lakme jewel eyeliner in gold. they have so many pretty colors like jade,pink etc... i am yet to wear 'em and am waiting for a function so that i can flaunt 'em.

now am turning to the lipstick...well...... it doesnt have a name but it has a no: and mine is 124 in enrich metallics. its a nice pink color with gold in it. nice metallic shade. but i would not reccomend buying them as they are very drying and even if you apply a lip balm underneath, it just doesnt work. so just skip this one .am not happy with this.

so that was my review you guys on lakme's latest products that i own and the bridal sutra line has also released something called a "jewel bindi????" (i think!!!). but am happy with my ordinary ones so i din bother to buy 'em. all in all try out their eyeliner and their glide ons. hope this was useful. ciaoooooooo


Poohkie said...

nice post! I love the glide on eye colours too. unfortunately the price is now 275 and they've reduced the number of colours :(.
I have smokey green and henna gold and I love them. I wish i had the bronze.

indianmakeupways said...

oh my god!!!!!!! u actually read this one??????? i had posted this way back in 2008 (the first 3 posts)and couldn continue writing anymore as i was in final year. thanks a lot for takin the pain to actually read my blog. am sooooooo glad :d

Poohkie said...

hey you're most welcome! and it's my pleasure coz it's a really nice blog :)

bhumika said...

i gt henna gold too
love it
liked d copper too..

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